“Don’t Fight for Politicians, Instead Fight to Attract Development to Your Community” – Dr. Patrick Dakum

The Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN) and a Frontline Gubernatorial Aspirant in Plateau State, Dr. Patrick Dakum has called on the Citizens especially the Youths in Plateau State and Nigeria by extension not to fight just to determine their loyalty or support for Politicians but instead, they should divert their energies into genuine advocacies and struggles that will attract societal development and transformation.

Dr. Dakum decried the level of bitterness and hatred being displayed by some persons in the name of support for a particular political party or Politician even when the politicians are in good terms with one another.
He spoke on the need to appropriate the energies to right ventures that will generate better outcomes that will benefit humanity and the society.
He urged the citizens to see themselves as one irrespective of their political differences, opinions and interests as the case may be.
He hinted that the youths are accustomed to channeling their energies in fighting for politicians who are already made while the communities and people are suffering due to inadequate or absence of basic infrastructures.

“During campaigns and elections, you will not see the elderly fighting but the youths will be fighting each other and will be ready to die for the cause of Politicians. More worrisome is the fact that you will not find the Children of the Principals fighting”

“Gather all that energy, channel it to a struggle for development and tell me if they will not achieve a lot”

“We are in a democratic setting and I expect to see the citizens fighting for their rights as well as they developmental goals that will go to their communities instead of dissipating their energies on meaningless fight that will not add value to the society”
“We the politicians sit to talk about things that are independent of politics, so there is no need for people to be fighting on our behalf, it doesn’t make sense at all”

“Politics is about development and bringing dividends to people, so if we must fight, then let us put the object of our fight as to why dividends of democracy didn’t come” he said.

He stressed that there is nothing wrong if the citizens peacefully protest for lack of health facilities, lack of adequate manpower or when the facilities are dilapidated as that is the beauty of democracy which will attract the attention of government at all levels.

Dr. Dakum made the disclosures while fielding questions from Newsmen at his Residence in Jos, the Plateau State Capital.

He further stressed the need to ensure the Primary Healthcare Centres perform optimally to tackle minor treatments and a lot of preventive health service.

He said if elected Governor of the State, he will work in collaboration with the Local Government Chairmen to promote the standardization of the Primary Healthcare.
He said every single Political Ward should have a functional Primary Healthcare as they are centres where vaccination takes place including COVID-19 vaccination, other emerging diseases and also serve as gatekeepers for information dissemination.
He called for the strengthening of the system at that level to ensure the cutting down on the number of people that will require hospitalization.
He stressed the need to make sure Secondary health facilities that are directly the responsibility of government are more functional by ensuring that the required human resources, consumables and infrastructures are available.
Health sector should be placed on the top priority, he opined.

“The future of pandemics is in viruses not in bacteria, science has a kind of been able to tackle bacteria, but viruses keep mutating and having variances showing potentials of come back. It means then that every State government must be prepared fully for emergencies & pandemics. It is therefore vital to have centres at the Local Government and Ward levels that can address such emergencies and pandemics”

On education, he said there is need to push for a Public Private Partnership, a push to encourage especially faith-based organization that can manage schools by providing the enabling environment and grants so they can be able to provide the necessary gap that is existing in terms of public Schools.
He said standard and quality must not be compromised and spoke dispassionately about a reward system to employees who are performing exceptionally to encourage excellence in service delivery.

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“Don’t Fight for Politicians, Instead Fight to Attract Development to Your Community” – Dr. Patrick Dakum

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