AYLEC Rwanda 2021: “Africa Continent Possesses Human & Material Resources Needed to Engender Prosperity” – Gyang Dung Gyang

A Delegate to the 2021 Africa Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship Conference holding in Kigali, Rwanda from Plateau State North Central Nigeria, Cmr. Gyang Dung Gyang has disclosed that Africa Continent possesses abundant human and material resources needed for its prosperity but has remain stagnated owing to some challenges bedevilling it.

EThe Delegate raised the concern during a session at the ongoing Conference convened by Inspiration Care and development Centre Africa.

Cmr. Gyang Dung Gyang said the Countries in having have similar challenges ranging from leadership problem, insecurity, nepotism and corruption which must be tackled for the prosperity of the continent.

He said youths have the ideas on how best to put their potentials into greater use and reach out to local communities, but logistics are not available for the intended breakthrough, hence the need for synergy with people with capacity who are willing and ready to assist.
“The youths have realized they cannot continue the way they are; they need better life and better ways of doing things where humanity is prioritized”

“Africa is only good at rhetorics with no action” he said.

He said rising insurgency in sub-saharan Africa especially Nigeria has affected thousands of people who are displaced from their aboriginal lands and going through untold hardships.
He called for urgent steps to be taken to address the challenges.

Other Delegates raised concern on issues such as fixing poverty and how to improve education of the children in remote areas in the continent.
They said education in remote areas is adversely affected by lack of qualified manpower, infrastructural deficit and insecurity.
They said insecurity has made most graduate to abandon their jobs in remote areas for greener pastures in urban areas.

Delegates also spoke on the need to pursue the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) and actualize same for the greater good of the Africa Continent.

In his keynote address on addressing poverty and inequality among Africa Youths, Dr. Vincent Lyn an International Human and Child Rights Activist and Creative Developer from the United States of America said the dynamic of assessing scholastic supplies for children education is sub-saharan Africa is difficult.

He said while education is a primary goal, so are poverty and feeding of school children.
He expressed dismay on how scholastic supplies such as writing papers, pens, pencils, colouring books, rulers, geometry set, digital calculators, protractors are not easily readily available for use by School Children.

He hinted how he had to supply these supplies to Uganda where it was difficult to access.

The Conference is holding at Dove Hotel and Conference Centre Kigali, Rwanda from 20th to 22nd April, 2021 with 40 Young Africa Social Change Leaders and Entrepreneurs participating.

The theme of the 3-day instructor-led conference is “the future of Leadership, Bridging the Gaps for Social Change Leaders in Africa” and is aimed at preparing Africa Youth as Change Agent for future challenges, by introducing them to innovative approaches to leadership and economic development, equip them with the needed skills for the future work and connect them with values from other African Countries which can serve as aspiration for future engagement.

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AYLEC Rwanda 2021: “Africa Continent Possesses Human & Material Resources Needed to Engender Prosperity” – Gyang Dung Gyang

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