Tribute to Sen. Mantu: The Only Truly Senator from Plateau State Since 1999 – Amb. John Pofi

The death of Senator Ibrahim Nasiru Mantu, the former Deputy Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a monumental loss to Africa, Nigeria and the good people of Plateau State, Pyem chiefdom, his political associates, and the entire Mantu family.

Our paths have crossed severally and he has consistently proven to be the master of the game of politics.

Whatever can be the verdict of history, Senator Mantu stands out as the only senator from plateau state since 1999 that has brought so much dividends of democracy to the state.

I don’t want to go into his impactful political surjourn from the 80s, but when he came to greater limelight in 1999, as a senator representating Plateau Central senatorial district, he set a pace that till date, no senator from plateau state has broken.

Senator Mantu stands out as one person who changed the concept of senatorial representation by giving the people of plateau state a national outlook for the first time in a long while.

Those who later became his adent critics were the major beneficiaries of his benevolence, fortunately, some of them were given the opportunity to serve in the same capacity as his, and they performed far, far abysmally and they have gone down memory lane as the worst set of senators in the history of the state.

Africa has lost a paliamentarian, Nigeria has lost a great political voice and Plateau State has lost a political pace setter, a mentor, a father and a bulldozer of job creation.

Senator Mantu, like every mortal may have his flaws, but he left indelible marks on the sands of time.

His impactful life will far outlive his life time because he has truly distinguished himself as a TRUE DISTINGUISHED SENATOR OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC, far above his predecessors and has also set a bench mark of representation which no senator so far has reached.
A political colossus has gone, a Hallmark of representation has gone, a human capital developer has gone.

May God grant him eternal peace and to the entire family and all of us, the ability to bear.

Adieu, the TRUE game changer.

Amb. John Pofi, JP

National Coordinator , Prayer Force Network .

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Tribute to Sen. Mantu: The Only Truly Senator from Plateau State Since 1999 – Amb. John Pofi

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