The Irigwe and the Rukuba Road Killings: Time to Forgive and Unite Plateau State – Gen. John Sura (Rtd)

If we can turn back the hands of time to the way things were, that secured us the name " Home Of Peace and tourism" where everyone is hospitable, caring and united, and when both Christmas and Sallah were celebrated by both religions because we took each other as brothers.

 It is with a heavy heart that we mourned the lives of  our brothers lost at both ends of this satanic attacks and we pray that the Lord Almighty will give succour to the wounded hearts to find peace and comfort and  to forgive this act of barbarism. 

 This persistent challenge that has bedeviled our unity has placed upon every Plateau person whether indigenous or resident, the responsibility of an uncompromising and intentional practice and preaching of peace, love and tolerance which can only be obtained through genuine forgiveness and forgetting the former ways  for the best days ahead. To start a new way of life, watching each other's back by being our brothers keeper. The more united we are, the stronger we shall become.

I want to plead with all of us that in all our grievances, we please leave room forgiveness, peace, unity and above all genuine love for each other as expected by God Almighty. Government must therefore act promptly to address issues accordingly.
Despite this, we only have one Plateau to feel at home and that home must be safe to all. Let love lead or at best as the Dutch puts it “live let live. Looking forward for the rebirth of the ” Home Of Peace and tourism”

God bless Plateau State!

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The Irigwe and the Rukuba Road Killings: Time to Forgive and Unite Plateau State – Gen. John Sura (Rtd)

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