Stakeholders did not endorse Rebuilding of Main Market – PIDAN


For those who don’t know what Plateau Initiative for Development and Advancement of the Natives, PIDAN stands for.
PIDAN is Plateau, Plateau is PIDAN! By implication, every citizen of Plateau is a member of PIDAN. Every Community is represented by their Presidents and Secretaries on the Council. These are men and women of integrity, former Ambassadors, Retired Senior Public Servants, Professors and Technocrats in different fields of endeavors, etc.
PIDAN’s posture has and is always for the propagation of the unity and future of our dear State and to safeguard it from been mortgaged or destroyed by anyone or groups of people, irrespective of the position (s) they occupy. These we do with the view to sustain and maintain the
solid foundation our founding fathers structured and bequeathed on us at the cost of their lives.

We therefore see the statement credited to the Governor’s Director of Press and Public Affairs captioned, “Stakeholders endorsed Rebuilding of Jos Main Market” as not just surprising, but embarrassing and ridiculing to the integrity of our highly respected eminent elder statesmen and groups who gave their counsels during the parley, because it did not reflect the position taken at the meeting.

We believe that government would have put the perspective of meeting in it’s true position of keeping it on hold, and awaits the outcome of the further consultations with the grass roots at the local government level, rather than the conclusive headlines.

PIDAN hereby reiterates it’s position that the project be kept on hold until all the grey issues raised at the meeting are properly scrutinized and solutions found. We encourage the leadership of the various Development Associations to mobilize their membership to attend and present their sincere positions at the various parleys.

Comrade Nanle N Gujor
Secretary General
Dated: August 8, 2022

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Stakeholders did not endorse Rebuilding of Main Market – PIDAN

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