“Senator Mwadkwon Will Unify, Stabilize and Return PDP to Winning Ways” – Cmr. James Nyango

People who have been keenly tracking the political journey of the former Senate Minority Leader, Simon Mwadkwon, PhD, would attest to the undisputable fact that he is not just a party man but a party unifier and stabilizer with a winning spirit.

He is one visionary political leader who has never contemplated leaving the PDP for another political party, no matter the storm rocking the party’s ship. Even when forces or circumstances within the party threatens his political ambition, Sen Mwadkwon has never for once contemplated withdrawing his membership of the PDP.

His loyalty to the PDP has remained unquestionable. Whether in power or not, whether in crisis or not and in palatable or unpalatable times, Sen Mwadkwon has always remained a stable member of the PDP. He has never betrayed the party because it did not favor him. This is a testimony that cannot be disputed about his consistency in PDP.

One of the recurrent decimal weakening the PDP, is their strong members betraying and leaving the party at any slightest provocation or misunderstanding. For the PDP to regain its strength and unity as a political party, it will need a consistent faithful member whose loyalty to the party is unquestionable to lead the party at the national level. Sen. Mwadkwon is the person with this description. Besides being a consistent party loyalist and stabilizer, Sen Mwadkwon is a selfless and obedient party man. In 2015, he bought form for Reps, people gave him overwhelming support and was cruising to victory at the primaries.

But in Just two days to the primaries, he was directed to step down and handover the ticked to another person who didn’t buy form and he obeyed without complain and supported that person. No dime was refunded to compensate for the expenses he incurred. Again, when PDP was unjustly removed from the ballot on the eve of the recent rerun election in February 3rd 2024, Sen Mwadkwon who was PDP’s senate candidate in that rerun election, decided to humbly abide by the collective decision of the party in the state and even offered himself to be the campaign DG for unpopular candidate and led them to victory.

This was the highest demonstration of selflessness exemplified by Sen Mwadkwon. There is no time that PDP needs a selfless leader at the helm of its affairs than now and Sen Mwadkwon is that selfless leader. His selflessness is never in doubt by PDP faithfuls. He has demonstrated selflessness when it was needed the most at different times. At this crucial time, PDP needs a grassroot party man who understands the real challenges, needs, experiences and plights of the electorates at the grassroot level. This is where the crux of the matter is because politics is all about meeting the needs of the people. Sen Mwadkwon is a true grassroot politician by practice. This is why he’s called the Grassroot Disciple politician.

The National Chairman of PDP should be a Grassroot party man and Sen Mwadkwon is that Grassroot party man. PDP needs a national chairman who is diligent and meticulous with a strong will and uncompromising winning spirit with God’s anointing and favor for leadership. This is a perfect description of Sen Mwadkwon. He is one very meticulous purpose driven politician who pays attention to all minute details. Once he contest any elective position, he goes all out against all obstacles without any fear till he achieves his victory through God’s help. He is a goal getter who is never intimidated by the size or strength of his opponents. This is the type of person PDP needs as national chairman to return PDP to winning ways.

God has always favored him with overwhelming victory in all the positions he has contested for and believes genuine victory and leadership comes from God. So, it is not logically enough to advocate that the North Central be allowed to complete her tenure.

PDP should look for a loyal, obedient, consistent and selfless grassroot political leader who has not just won his election, but led his state to overwhelming victory and Sen Mwadkwon is that leader who perfectly fits into this description practically. If given the mandate as the PDP national chairman, Sen Mwadkwon shall not only unify the party but stabilize and return PDP to winning ways by God’s grace.

All I have said and written about the capacity of senator Mwadkwon can be verified any day any time.

God’s perfect will shall prevail at the end.

Thank you!


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“Senator Mwadkwon Will Unify, Stabilize and Return PDP to Winning Ways” – Cmr. James Nyango

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