PDP National Chairmanship: Youth Activist, Cmr. Wilfred Pwajok Drums Support for Former Senate Minority Leader, Sen. Simon Mwadkwon

Sen. Simon Mwadkwon, PhD: German schooled Graduate and Former Senate Minority leader of the Federal Republic of Nigeria proposed for The National Chairman of The People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

A former University Lecturer, Former Local Government Chairman, two times House of Representatives Member, Former Senator and 10th Assembly Senate Minority leader beams on the limelight for the National Chairman of the major opposition party in Nigeria, The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as It sets for Its 2024 National Executive Council (NEC) meeting.

Prior to the 2015 general elections, The PDP had led the National government of Nigeria for 16 years. The Political party, known for its fidelity to Nigeria’s 4th Republic during the Sani Abacha’s regime eventually formed majority of the seats in the National Assembly and the Federal Government. The party lost its grip in 2015. Since this period, the party has remained an opposition party.

As the PDP sets for the 2024 NEC meeting, Groups from the party have began to urge the party to adopt the Former Senate Minority leader as it’s National Chairman. In the Spirit of Carrying every part of the country along, the group suggested that since the North central did not complete it’s tenure as a result of the resignation of the former National Chairman (Sen. Iyorchia Ayu), it is only but rational and well meaning for the party to Zone the National Chairmanship to the North central. In the light of this suggestion, the Former Senate Minority leader was singled as the Star on the hill for the Job.

Sen. Simon Mwadkwon, Senator from Plateau State ( North central) haven proven to be a force for good, for unity and progressive assurance is gaining momentum to be supported to lead the erstwhile majority party in the country. It is without doubt that Senator Simon Mwadkwon, a Nigerian politicians haven proven to be a dedicated Nationalist, party faithful, grassroot politician and academic would be a major player in enhancing Nigeria’s Democracy.

His clime to national political recognition came after the resolve by the minority parties of the Senate in the 10th Assembly to make him their spokesman (Minority leader). Ever since he has since gained recognition and widespread acceptibilty across the country for his simplicity, honesty and fervent political philosophy on humanity above all sentiment for National integration and development.

The former University Lecturer is being proposed to lead the major opposition party as the party sets for it’s National Executive Council (NEC) meeting.

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PDP National Chairmanship: Youth Activist, Cmr. Wilfred Pwajok Drums Support for Former Senate Minority Leader, Sen. Simon Mwadkwon

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