Sarauniya MamaLash Rolls Out Music Video for “Yana Nan”

Fans of Sarauniya Mamalash Gwam have reason to celebrate as the highly anticipated music video for her hit track “Yana Nan” has finally been released. The video, which was directed by the highly regarded Filmcut Masterpiece, seems to be a visual explosion that goes well with the song’s profound concept.

MamaLash’s debut album, Wakar Godiya, features a powerful track called Yana Nan, which encourages faith and reminds listeners of God’s omnipresent presence.

The release of the “Yana Nan” music video is already generating buzz across social media platforms, with fans praising its artistic direction and emotional impact. The video is expected to attract a wide audience, further strengthening Sarauniya MamaLash’s place as a rising star in the music industry.

Sarauniya MamaLash’s debut album, Wakar Godiya, has been critically and commercially successful, earning her accolades for her unique sound and heartfelt lyrics.

The “Yana Nan” music video is now available for viewing. Fans are encouraged to watch and share the video to spread its uplifting message far and wide.

Sarauniya MamaLash is an Arewa Gospel singer and songwriter known for her powerful voice and inspirational music.

Her debut album, Wakar Godiya, has received recognition for its distinctive fusion of traditional and modern sounds as well as its powerful lyrics.

She’s swiftly rising to the top of the music industry as one of the most promising talents, thanks to her huge fan base and an outbreak of hit albums.

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Sarauniya MamaLash Rolls Out Music Video for “Yana Nan”

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