Rt. Hon. Gagdi distributes 332 Rams, one trailer of Rice Worth N30, Million for sallah to PKK, Pledge to hold the dignity of his Constituents

Pam Moses

Rt. Hon. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi is a Member Representing Pankshin, Kanke and Kanam Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives and Also Chairman House Committee on Navy, in this interview with PAM MOSES in Dengi, after sharing 332 ram, one trailer load of Rice and cash donations amounting to N30million to celebrate Sallah, Gagdi also pledge to always stand and defend the decision of his Constituents in the National Assembly amongst other issues he spoke.

How prepared are you and to what level will you stand for your people as their representative?

I will stand for my constituents of Pankshin, Kanke and Kanam to the level of donating my life to them, when you served the people, your doing service to humanity and service to God, i can serve my people to the level of donating my life to them, and that is why when leaders were insulted in the National Assembly i demonstrated something that i wouldn’t want to make it an issue here, when the Speaker House of Reps whom the people of PKK said i should be loyal to him was insulted on the floor of the House i was almost running mad and people misrepresent me that i was supporting the electoral act, but they don’t know what was the issue, i was angry when someone call Mr Speaker a son of the Bitch, and so also if you call me a son of a bitch here in PKK you will see the demonstration of what i did in the House by constituents.

Hon. Does it mean you didn’t vote against Electronic transmission of Results?

Personally as Rt. Hon. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi i will not support what the people of Pankshin, Kanke and Kanam doesn’t want, i never allow my personal decision influence or affect the decision of PKK in the House, even if the decision iam taken is against me as a person, but i will continue to hold the dignity of the people of PKK, hold the decision of my people, the position of my people. The decision that if referendum is to be conducted today the majority of the people of PKK will identify with is the decision that has always being what i stand for.

What is the importance of all this donations to your people here at home especially during festivities?

I don’t want to sound to personal, but again this is something that has become part of me and part of my blood, this is something that i have been doing and found leisure in providing for the needy particularly in the moment of festivity, during Christmas celebration, during Sallah celebration and during fasting this are times that people want you to come to their aide, and personally within me i have found leisure in doing it. And secondly it is one of the tradition of art of worship for any believer be it Muslim, Christian or traditional worshipper, i have not seen in any of the religious book that has a provision that says you should not help the needy, or not to provide for the people that put you in position, so naturally it is fine and good for me to do it, within me and also do it to get satisfaction and get the pleasure of Allah. Lastly as a leader i equally do it because is my responsibility to do it, i feel satisfy that people have trust in me and whenever they need me iam there for them, that is why i found joy in doing it.

What do you think is the cost of what you have actually put together to put a smile on your people, what is the cost implication?.

The cost of what i have done is about N30 million, i have expanded over 17million in buying ram as well as given cash donations to different groups, some of this groups said they don’t want the ram, but prefer the cash, instead of buying ram of N70,000 for them, they prefer buying that of N30,000 and use the remaining N40,000 for food stuffs, that is why the cost for buying ram and donations to individuals is over N17 Million aside the full trailer of rice amounting to over 13million Million Naira which has been share to my constituents and if you put together those commitment is over N30,000 Million.

Sir, is this cash donations part of your constituency project or your personal resources?

There is non of one of the things that iam doing today that is part of either my constituency project or saving from any government patronage, this is from my business proceed, even before i became the Deputy Speaker Plateau House of Assembly and Member Representing PKK in the National Assembly if you follow my record, i invest in my business and the proceed i also invest on my people of Pankshin, Kanke and Kanam Local Government. This is nothing to do with Constituency donation or constituency projects and nothing to do with any donations coming from government whatsoever.

How do you feel always coming to celebrate festivities with your people in Kanam instead of staying in Abuja or Jos?

The feeling is during election, when you will see a lot of people conspiring, different political conspiracy against you, and the people your always together at home and eating together will stand firm for you, it is that time you will know the importance of coming home to stay with the people during festivity like this. It is that time of election when the people will begin to give you back your reward of coming closer to them. That is the time that political forces Will know that the people are with you and you feel on top of the world.

What will be your sallah Message to the people of PKK, Plateau and Nigeria?

What is the significance of the Sallah itself, is for us to celebrate in love and meaningful and prosperity for peace with one another, if that is the pillar of sallah celebration, then we should celebrate in love for one another irrespective of our cultural or religious background, celebrate in peace irrespective of whosoever offends you, celebrate in forgiveness, it is said in both Bible and Quran that if you want God to forgive your trespass then, you forgive those who trespass against us, so we celebrate in forgiveness and love for one another in Unity i think the society is going to be better than what is it now, and we will be passing the message of sallah celebration.

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Rt. Hon. Gagdi distributes 332 Rams, one trailer of Rice Worth N30, Million for sallah to PKK, Pledge to hold the dignity of his Constituents

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