In a book given to me by my former Leading Pastor, and now Chairman, COCIN RCC, Turu, Rev Joshua D Mandyal, titled, “Finishing well” by Steve Farrar, there is an old Greek proverb that says, “The pilot of a ship is worth as much as all the crew”. This statement is thought provoking. A person that wants to lead must be above board.

In a busy world such as ours, world full of struggles and challenges, the tendency is for people to squander their vision, and then wonder what has happened. We have a duty to stay alert. We have a duty to to keep our eyes and ears open, open to events around us. To bend all our energies and experiences, and strengths to the critical responsibility of getting all around us safely through the dangerous territory to their destination.

What are you doing with those entrusted in your care by the Master Himself?
We are all moving through the wide mysteries of life, rolling inevitably towards a destination in a hazy, foggy distance.

What is the destination before you? How do you plan to get there? Note that as we plan to get there, we are terribly exposed. We are vulnerable to a myriad of elements, vulnerable to nameless enemies. We are vulnerable to discouragement, weariness, distraction and disorientation. We are moving but are we going? We are crossing a frontier, but what perils lie ahead? Even on a clear sunny day, from where we sit we can’t see more than a few kilometers. We must therefore keep our vision in times such as we are passing through in Nigeria.

We can’t afford to lose the vision of the founding fathers of the State. They were not intimidated or lured by materialism. We need to keep the issue of life before those around us so that they won’t be overcome by temporary setbacks or the disorientating fog of daily circumstances. We need to see ahead. A man was made for reaching goals, climbing mountains and seeing ahead–the JD Gomwalk style.

Now that the bell has been rung, for Local Government elections, the closest administration to the grass root, what occupies your mind? How to make money? The highest bidder? Tribal sentiments? To be contacted by money bags with sugar coated mouth? Be mindful of the future of your children and unborn generations. Let me repeat, with emphasis, we must look for people with sound knowledge of the factors of economy and how to manage the Ethnic Communities as a family, look at him or her as a working team, it should not be composed of money mongers and stooges, but of men and women of strong will, selflessness, honesty and commitment. We know people with questionable characters in our communities. Such must be exposed and rejected. There should be moral rebirth in our constituencies. The issue of security should not be taken lightly! This monster comes in different faces. The person we are thinking of must brave to stand for his people. If you call some of these aspirants now, even at midnight, they will respond, but be careful, after you have sent them there, you shall become nuisance to them. You can bear witness to what I’m saying, many of our so called elected or appointed officials exhibit this tendency, Very sad! Why should you have such a leader?

One of the attributes of a good leader is his/her ability to make himself/herself accessible and to be a good listener. We should eschew the sentiment of part affiliation!! In the words of my departed elder brother, friend and leader, Nde Alexander Molwus, when he addressed PIDAN Council, shortly before his demise, “The time has come, when Plateau should keep away the issue of fanatism, if we must restore the values of integrity, transparency, and unity, which the founding fathers of Plateau State exhibited, and I expect these great leaders of PIDAN to champion the course”

Above statement has remained engraved in our hearts, and we are not taking it with laxity, at any level. Don’t give room for planlessness, greed and insensitivity. Let me remind you of the values we should be looking for:
Sound sense of mission, visionary, committed to the course, non questionable character, abundance of courage, especially in this moment of insecurity, high knowledge of the economy of the constituency, selfless, receptive to new and positive ideas, enemy of sycophants, praise singers and gossips, good moral standing, not a tribal bigot, not money bags with nothing to offer.
Intelligence, energy and integrity makes a man complete.


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- Cmr. Friday Bako is an Accounting Graduate, Blogger, Social Media Influencer, Youth Activist and Advocate for good governance.