MACBAN Should Desist From Campaign of Genocide, Embrace Peace and Stop Playing the Victim – MDA

The Mwaghavul Development Association (MDA) has called Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) to put an end to the alleged campaign of genocide in Mangu Local Government and other parts of the State, embrace peace and stop playing the victim. The Association called on Muhammed Salihu Musa and MACBAN to desist from from the alleged campaign of genocide orchestrated against the Mwaghavul Nation, embrace peace and stop playing the victim.

The Association called for result-driven strategies and measures to curtail and bring to a complete a halt what it described as terrorist attacks and killings that have continued in villages in Mangu LGA and other parts of Plateau State.
The Association decried the lost of lives, destruction of homes and farm crops by alleged Fulani Militias in the Local Government Area which it said has continued unabated since April, 2023. It said if left unaddressed, it has the propensity of affecting more lives, communities and means of livelihood.

President of MDA, Chief Joseph Gwankat made the disclosures at a Press Conference in Jos, the Plateau State Capital on Saturday 8th July, 2023.
He frowned at how the accommodating and peaceful nature of the Mwaghavul Nation will be repaid with hostilities that have reached unbearable level.
Chief Joseph said Mangu LGA is not only known as agricultural hub of Plateau State but also a key commercial centre which has been gravely affected on account of the insecure bedeviling it. He said the Mwaghavul Nation from time immemorial has been coexisting peacefully with its neighbours and has never attacked any of them for whatever reasons.
He said the local government area has witnessed numerous cases of kidnapping, farmlands destruction and other criminal activities perpetuated by alleged Fulani terrorists. He said the evil act is being perpetuated under the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN).
According him, in Bwai District villages such as Murish, Dungmunan, Kubat, Tim Naanle, Pil, Fungzai, Manja and Chisu witnessed serious attacks that claimed over 70 lives with many other people still missing. In Kombun District he mentioned villages such as Fungkipang and Nting came under terrorist attacks that claimed 5 lives.
In Mangu District Jwaktumbi, Kantoma, Mangul, Alohom 1 & 2, Gongo, Dan Hausa, Kikyau 1 & 2, Gudum, Tyop, Kwaskipanleng, Gaude, Bure and Tam were attacked with over 70 persons killed. He went further to state that Jwak Raas of Bungha District was attacked though no death was recorded.
In Panyam District Changal, Kombili, Washna, Jwak Chom, Larkas, Fushi, Kwahas, Dangdai, Atuhun, Adep, Ajing, Daika, Dikong, Lakopal, Kogul and Niyes suffered severe attacks with over 30 lives lost.
Lakasi, Gwet 1 & 2, Muting, Keptul, Gung, Pyantuhul, Kus Hi, Nbwor, Vodni, Pwaskop and Nten came under attacks with 17 persons killed.
He called on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to declare MACBAN as a Terrorist Organization on account of its alleged involvement in hiring foreign mercenaries to attack communities and other heinous crimes being perpetuated by its Members in various parts of Nigeria.

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MACBAN Should Desist From Campaign of Genocide, Embrace Peace and Stop Playing the Victim – MDA

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