Jos: Three Uni-jos Students killed, How one escaped, full story.

The Jos crisis which started as a result of the attack on Villagers for over a week and subsequently, the killings of unknown travellers in Rukuba Road by unknown persons on Saturday 14 August 2021 resulted in the loss of lives of some university of Jos students.

ViewpointPointNigeria’s reporters, D.M Longgul & Jwan Panshak are all out to tell the University of Jos Story. Historically, every Crisis or civil Unrest in Jos takes the life of a student(s), till date, the story never changes, ironically, the host community(ies) that perpetrates such act on students and the University community seem to be the greatest beneficiaries of the existence of the University as the business of different varieties strive.

One of the victims Miss Doris Bitrus from the Department of Religion and Philosophy, Faculty of Arts was on her way to church on Sunday morning the 15/8/2021 and was killed at Bauchi Junction. see the picture below:

Also, Bagu Christopher from history and International studies was found dead after many days of looking for the student.

one medical student who narrowly escaped, Mr Kinsley, a 300 level student who just passed his first MBBS exams was attacked in Bauchi park on his way from the Naraguta Hostel to ring road, all praises to God he survived and he is receiving treatment in one of the Hospitals in Jos.

Another student who narrowly escaped on 8/15/2021 said, “Yesterday when the conflict started in the area, the Muslim elders came out and call their boys with clear instructions that they should go back and nobody should cause trouble. but unfortunate for Tony Taangkaa, a 200 level student of Theatre and Film Arts who hails from Benue State. Desperately, hungry, and assured by his Muslim neighbour that he can go out ” So we thought everything was calm. then my fellow neighbour who is a Muslim went out to go and get breakfast then when he came back he now told us that it was safe for us to go out, Tony decided to go, to a nearby shop to get breakfast items for other students in his compound near the beautiful gate, close to the bridge before the village Hostel Farin-Gada, Uni-jos.

he said, ” Mallam as we call him in the area alongside the other two boys ( I know them in the area) were strangely making advances towards me, mallam use to visit me in my house but certainly I don’t know his house in the area. I wanted to run, they rush me and apprehended me,  They started pouring fuel on my body… i was begging and crying. please we are one ooh… like we’re together,please. They didn’t say a word to me when they finished pouring that fuel on his body they started saying Ina Ashana, akawo ashana (where are matches, bring matches) before they got the matches, the other guy that held me in my trouser was trying to remove a machete from his back, he was trying to remove the machete so that he can hit my leg, so when he was trying to hit Tony’s leg,  Tony could not even explain where the energy came from he pushed the guy, that wasn’t enough.

one of them still Carry a knife that they made with their hand to Stab me and then I was able to escape it, I ran away and then passed through back and they followed me but they could not Catch up with me, they were even saying it (ai Wandan ya iya guduwa, mu barshi mu bi ta gaba) this one can run let’s leave him and follow through the frontage.

not up to five seconds, the same friend that tony was begging to help him came to the gate and was knocking that we should come out his parents said we should come and stay in his house, that his place is safer, we could not trust him again, because he could not help Tony outside in fact he tried to kill tony. So he got angry, in few seconds, the same boys started stoning and throwing stones into our compound. claiming, they must bring the house down. Meanwhile, we have two neighbours that are Muslims in the compound with us. They knew that we’re together, they started calling them (Hamza ka fitar da su a kashe, in ba hakaba zamu hada da kai) Hamza bring them out let’s kill them if not we will kill you also. That was what they were shouting, they were just hanging at our door for a while. the police came in and everywhere cleared, we also know is a Muslim neighbour that called for help. they came into our area with three police Van and everywhere cleared and then they called us out that we should come out is safe that was how they escorted us… we still pass those same boys with mallam, the police escorted us to cross over into the back gate that clinic gate in Narguta permanent, site, that was how we crossed over and then we continue walking into village hostel

As it stands, our residential houses are burnt down and our properties looted. we know it will be the same boys

see pics

Who will fight for these great Nigerian students who identify their oppressors? can these students continue exams next week without a lodge?

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Jos: Three Uni-jos Students killed, How one escaped, full story.

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