Two things define humanity for the most part – the truest and highest sense of PURPOSE or the FEARS that come stealthily at night. We currently live in a world where there is no straight line to realize the true sense of one’s purpose. Almost everything happens to be in a state of disarray, yet nevertheless, it is just fascinating to know that God wants us to change the world. Whether or not we are carrying out that historic and promising assignment is up to us.


I’m writing this piece in both fearful and purpose-driven contexts. I stay awake at night times thinking deep and reflecting on the countless issues troubling us as a people. Plateau state in recent times has been caught up in the web of fear, trepidation, uncertainty, confusion and bloodbath fuelled by mistrust and further engineered by men of the underworld whose motives, conscience and sense of humanity is lost or soaked by a deep motivation to kill, steal and destroy. I feel sorry for the lives lost and properties destroyed. I make bold to say Plateau State cannot fizzle out by a wave of hand. We will continue to live our purpose and defend the heritage of Plateau, give our people hope out of despair and place the state on a solid unconquerable rock.
One of the major defining moments of our time is the gross lack of justice. From time immemorial, justice has evaded and prevaricated our people. It is bone-chilling to know the government hasn’t done enough to bring perpetrators of violent conflicts to justice. Down through the ages of history, the people of Bassa, Riyom, Barkin Ladi and other vulnerable communities have had course to nurse their wounds and observe their pains. The killings and destructions going on occasionally there are as painful as a hot burning coal. Where is the justice? Why does the government seem to take side? Why hasn’t restitution come to the people and why hasn’t solution been found, yet, the killings and destructions are continuing on a truly vicious cycle? Plateau state needs peace. It deserves justice. I stand with the people every step of the way.


It is no good to lecture that the youths are troubled on almost every side of life. Our society is plagued by all sorts of life-threatening and hopeless situations. Two things trouble me. The failure of government to define a better future for the youths and sadly, the failure of the youths to take action, embrace their destinies and adopt a can-do spirit to overcome their challenges. Youths are the bedrock of societies. Notable changes and developments as well as technological breakthroughs, revolutions and inventions are done principally because some few youths elsewhere thought about these things and took action to implement them. That’s smart. And that’s wisdom. Youths have all the potentials and possibilities for change. The power is in their hands. The youths are hereby encouraged to venture into politics, agriculture, businesses, governance, leadership and other priority areas in order to be seen in a positive light. No one is happy with the wastefulness the youths are experiencing and becoming. We must do everything in our power to make them reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.


This is the zenith moment of my inspiration. I feel blessed and motivated to step forward and be counted as a change maker and someone who holds the interest of humanity so dear to my heart. I’m not contesting the position of a federal legislator to assume the position of fame, success, notoriety. The success is ours to be proud of. It is not mine alone. I feel inspired using my time, energy and resources to make a difference and carry others along to reach the pinnacle of their dreams and success stories. I feel inspired knowing that God has deposited greatness in me and I am willing to change lives, transform nations, liberate generations and uplift he destiny of Pankshin, Kanke and Kanam Federal constituency. Politics is one of my callings. Using the platform of politics to change the world is at best my action-oriented motives. It gives me innermost joy and strength knowing that providing solutions to the myriad of unresolved problems confronting us as a people is one among the many reasons why I’m answering the call of my people to do politics. I’ll surely do my best. It is not about today. It is essentially about tomorrow and unborn generations.
The problems we are facing today won’t last long. I stay awake at night reviewing, analyzing and thinking outside the box with a view to applying ideas, wisdom and insight to help deliver Nigeria out of the woods. It is not the exclusive duty of the government. We’ve got to play our roles and make our efforts count. History is our judge.

God bless Plateau State

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Ziphion Terkop Chrysanthus writes from Abuja, Nigeria.

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Opinion: The Zenith Moment of my Inspiration & What Keeps me up at Night – By Ziphion Terkop Chrysanthus

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