Group Endorses Hon Muktar Aliyu Betara for Speaker of the 10th Assembly

The Coalition of Ethnic Nationalities in Nigeria has endorsed the candidature of Accountant and Borno Born politician Hon Muktar Aliyu Betara for the position of Speaker of the 10th National Assembly.

The endorsement came during a Press Conference held by the group at the NAF Conference Center Makurdi on Friday 28th April 2023.

While addressing the press, Leader of the group K. S Abdullahi said that Hon Betara, who has so far been elected 5 times to the National Assembly, has the requisite experience gathered over 16 years of meticulous legislative hardwork.

The group sighted his role in as Chairman House Sub Committee on NDIC saw to the various successes recorded in the Nigerian Banking sector, strengthening it into a formidable institution that has help the Nigerian Economy Survive over the years.

The group also noted his role as Chairman House Committee on Army which facilitated the repositioning of the Nigerian Army to confront Nigeria’s Security challenges head on.

The Text of the Press Conference is presented as received.


  1. It is with high sense of patriotism and democratic justice that the leadership of Ethnic Youths Nationalities across the nation converge to endorse the candidacy of Hon. Mukthar Aliyu Betera who is the member representing Biu, Bayo, Shani and Kwayar kusar federal constituency as the next Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives.
  2. The forum of all Ethnic Youth leaders is the umbrella body and decision making organ or ethnic youths nationalities in the country to speak with one voice on issues of absolute national importance, one among is to dictate political direction for the teaming Youths.
  3. That Hon. Mukthar Betera has been re-elected five times, emerging as one of the few members to have served in the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth assemblies in Nigeria, with the current and immediate past tenures secured on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).
  4. His vast wealth of experience gained during the last sixteen years in the green chamber is unprecedented, he served his people and the nation with utmost patriotism and sincerity, thus the need to be rewarded since the reward for good work is more work.
  5. Hon. Mukthar who once served during sixth assembly as chairman sub committee on NDIC regulated the activities of commercial banks, also during the seventh assembly, he served as Chairman, House Committee on the Army, directly making recommendations to empower and sustain the activities of the army against the rising insurgency in the Northern region of Nigeria.
  6. Under this leadership as a professional accountant and the current chairman, house committee on appropriation who knows the budget circle, he presided over all other committee and has succeeded in having the June to June budget cycle changed to a preferable January to December which is more effective budget implementation in the public sector. As a result, the Appropriation Act, 2022 and the Finance Act, 2021 have been passed and enacted respectively for the third consecutive year without fail, enabling all stakeholders to prepare adequately for any fiscal changes
  7. Betara has been lauded for his critical decision-making and crisis management skills in the House. His legislative interests include Youth and Women Empowerment, Developmental Governance, Health, Education, Social and National Security, as well as providing equal opportunities. He is believed to be responsible for the construction of 20 health care centers, 10 ambulances, a mini-stadium and the installation of more than 600 solar-powered street lights in his constituency.
  8. Betara is believed to have deployed his personal resources to fund transplant surgeries, empower individuals for business and support local families in his constituency.
  9. Having won elections again for the 10th Assembly which marks his fifth term under the ruling APC, the detribalised Betara whose impressive leadership character has endeared him to agencies and colleagues in the National Assembly, it will surely be fitting to elect him as the first among equals to lead his colleagues.
  10. Also, Betera served the current Speaker, Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila loyally, supported him massively during his emergence as Speaker and also during his tenure to succeed.
  11. We called on the president elect, His Excellency Sen. Ahmed Bola Tinubu to give Betera all the necessary support to serve as speaker, because Betera is the only one to have true National interest of unity and progress.
  12. We also want to appeal to our members who are currently in the house of representatives to vote for the renowned legislator, Hon. Mukthar Betera as the next speaker of the 10th Assembly.
  13. We wish to close this press conference by urging Nigerians to pray for peace, unity and prosperity of the nation, also pray for Hon. Mukthar Betera to emerged, God alone giveth power and he alone taketh it and so, we seek power from him.
  14. While delegates dispatched back to their various states to propagate the endorsement of Hon. Betera, we wish everyone journey mercies back to their respective States and local governments.

Long live federal republic of Nigeria.

Long live Ethnic Youth Nationalities of Nigeria.

Long live Hon. Mukthar Aliyu Betera.

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Group Endorses Hon Muktar Aliyu Betara for Speaker of the 10th Assembly

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