“COVID-19 Vaccines Very Safe For Expectant, Lactating and Intending Mothers” – Nrs Blessing Nyango

Against the insinuation that the COVID-19 Vaccines are not befitting for pregnant Women, a Health Expert Mrs Blessing Nyango has cleared the air saying Pregnant Women can take COVID-19 Vaccines to prevent them from going down with the virus considering the severity of the virus to women of that category if infected.

Mrs Blessing made this known as a Guest during a COVID-19 Awareness Radio Programme sponsored by Centre for Information Technology And Development (CITAD) and MacArthur Foundation on KT 103M9 FM Jos on 30th March, 2021.

She urged Pregnant, breastfeeding and intending mothers to get vaccinated to be protected against the virus.

According to the Health Expert, expectant, lactating and intending Mothers can take the Vaccines in order to boost their immunity and that of their children.

“To avoid the risk of contracting the COVID-19 Virus, it is important that pregnant, lactating and intending mothers to take the vaccines”

“The severity of the virus is higher in pregnant women compared to others”

“There is no need to be scared as the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines has been proven and certified by the World Health Organization having undergone the appropriate medical trials”
“It is also vital that they seek medical advice before taking any medication”

“A pregnant woman who contracted COVID-19 Virus can pass same to her unborn child and there is high risk of miscarriage” she said.

She disclosed that in taking the vaccine, pregnant Women can transfer immunity to her child who in turn will have resistance to the virus.

She harped on the need for proper orientation on the COVID-19 Vaccines to increase trust and uptake.
She urged Women to ignore the misinformation that the drugs is capable of affecting their fertility.

She said mild reactions are normal as the body is reacting to antibodies which increases immunity and considering the low immunity in pregnant women it is imperative to administer the vaccines to them to improve their immunity.
She said the benefit of taking the vaccines far outweighs the risk.

On the myth that the vaccine affects the growth of the babies, the health Expert said the vaccine has no impact on the growth and development of the Child instead it passes immunity to children.

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“COVID-19 Vaccines Very Safe For Expectant, Lactating and Intending Mothers” – Nrs Blessing Nyango

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