(BE-iT) Cohorts:Take a leap of faith and make your dream come true as a business enthusiast

Do you want to start your own business?
Do you need help developing some business idea(s)?

(BE-iT) Entrepreneurship training is a program for young Africans who wish to be great Entrepreneurs in future.
The program is organize by Uk based Nigerian Dr. Mark Atah aim at equipping young entrepreneurs with requisites knowledge and skills to start up and own their business.

Other benefits of the program include mentorship and guiding entrepreneurs to learn the fundamentals of business and how to develop a business plan that will help you gain funding for your business.
Young people are encouraged to register for this business development course where you will be guided by experienced entrepreneurs of international repute

The program will expose young entrepreneurs to the basic steps to sustain and manage their business.

The Business, Entrepreneurship iDeathon and Training (BE-iT) programme is a virtual business development course designed to guide the next generation of African Business men and women to start and grow their businesses.
To be part of this training, Sign up for FREE via www.behubafrica.com/start

begin your entrepreneurship journey and own your business.

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(BE-iT) Cohorts:Take a leap of faith and make your dream come true as a business enthusiast

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