ASUU mobilizes to go on another strike.

ASUU is prepared to go on another strike as the government has not fulfilled its demands.

There is a strong indication that the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is preparing for a strike. It should be remembered that ASUU went on strike for a period of 8 months without receiving salaries and was subsequently compelled by the industrial court to return to work. Nigerian university lecturers are now mobilizing the union to initiate an industrial action after years of no implementation of any of their demands. Some of the unresolved demands include the 2009 renegotiation and the issue of the proliferation of state universities without a funding plan. ASUU firmly believes that the proliferation of state universities will have dire consequences for the university system, as many state governments have established universities without sustainable funding plans.

ViewpointNigeria’s investigation has uncovered that the majority of ASUU branches are fully prepared for the strike action. ASUU members express their disappointment with the government’s approach to the higher education sector. Further investigation also reveals that only the University systems have experienced no salary increase for the past 15 years and the count continues.

After the recent removal of fuel subsidy, it was discovered that numerous Lecturers were unable to commute to teach thrice a week, and the merging of salaries is also promoting corruption within the University system. Following the 8-month strike, there was a 100 percent increase in public universities nationwide, causing parents and students to bear the burden. Nonetheless, university management across the country insists that the increase is necessary to sustain the University system, as the government also fails to provide funding to the universities, resulting in many universities struggling to function.

The forthcoming days will uncover whether the country will succumb to the summons of its Congress to proclaim an industrial upheaval. What is evident is that ASUU will promptly announce an enduring strike, yet how will the Tinubu administration respond? What about the recent proposition of an educational student loan by the federal Government?

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ASUU mobilizes to go on another strike.

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