Chief Kefas Ropshik Adopted 5 Orphans Donate Relief Materials To IDPS In Bokkos


The Chief Executive of Kefiano Global Foundation, Chief Kefas Ropshik, has adopted five children and donated relief materials to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps…

and donated relief materials to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps of the victims in the last Christmas eve killings in Plateau State.

As part of his contributions to building a society guaranteed a secure future, the Philanthropist, Chief Kefas Ropshik has urged the elite and the political class to be intentional about the welfare of those within the margins in society Mr. Ropshik who has is into philanthropy and humanitarianism activities helping the less previlage and the vulnerable in the society has condemned in strong terms the way and manner people are being displaced due to insecurity and land grabbing, according to chief Kefas Ropshik this drastically act of displacing people from their ancestral land should be stop at all cost and until we stand united we can not win this war.

Chief Kefas Ropshik while speaking about his sojourn of touching lives so far, chief Kefas said “I thank God for the enablement to do this despite the challenges through the years, it is not easy to do what we’re doing consistently but here we are by the grace of God, according to him I feel pained when I see able people who are very industrious leaved outside of their comfort place.

Ropshik also said the adopted children were those that had lost their parents during the attacks.

In his presentation at one of the IDPs camps in Bokkos Local Government Area, Ropshik said, “The donation represents the intervention of his foundation to extend warmth, kindness and ignite the hope of displaced families.

“Whatever we offer you today cannot compensate for lives lost. We don’t have enough; the little we have we offer. Pls, accept it as our show of concern.”

While adopting some of the orphans in the camp, Ropshik said, “I have more than 20 orphans I adopted from IDPs who have lost both parents through similar attacks. And I’m here to adopt more today from these IDPs.”

“Adopting children that are not related to you directly by blood comes with its down sides because they have their uniqueness.

“We are appreciative of the fact that despite all these, they’re doing well, including academically.”

He goes further to urge capable citizens to take the challenge of adopting children in order to guarantee a better future for society, pointing that failure to do so can attract consequences.

Among the materials donated to some of the victims who are still taking refuge at the IDPs camp by chief Kefas Ropshik were mattresses, blankets, beddings, food items, and sanitary materials.

The business magnet also announced the purchase of a brand new house in Jos for his adopted children who were hitherto, living at a rented apartment as well as a bus for ease of transportation.

Chief Kefas Ropshik also commissioned the Kefiano Global Foundation Orphanage, a befitting home for Orphans in Rayfield, Plateau State.

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Chief Kefas Ropshik Adopted 5 Orphans Donate Relief Materials To IDPS In Bokkos

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