Arc. Atomen Edom Celebrates 30 Years as Church Pianist: A Musical Journey of Faith and Resilience (1994-2024)

Arc. Atomen Edom commemorates three decades of musical devotion as the esteemed pianist of Destiny Chapel, Jos, Plateau State. Spanning from Sunday of March 13, 1994, to the present day of 2024, Atomen’s journey is an intricate tapestry of divine orchestration, unwavering passion, and steadfast perseverance.

The journey commenced when his late mother (Patricia Edom) led his family to the door step of a new-found sanctuary – the hallowed halls of Destiny Chapel, then known as the Christian Worship Centre, on a serene Sunday, March 13, 1994, at TEKAN Headquarters, Jos, Nigeria. The sanctuary resonated with celebrations amidst silence despite the presence of a brand new set of drums and a solitary piano – YAMAHA PSS 795. At the tender age of 14, Atomen, a timid J.S.S 3 student of Government Science School, Kuru, approached the untouched drums at the close of church service that day, and let his hands follow the rhythm. Intrigued by the new-found melody, the church leadership sought out the source and beckoned for his return the following Sunday. As such, destiny took a turn as Atomen embarked on a musical odyssey, guided by the gentle encouragement of Pastor Kim David Pam, the church’s founder. From tentative drum beats to the evocative strains of the piano, Atomen’s musical evolution unfolded under the nurturing gaze of his spiritual mentor.

Undeterred by the absence of a formal music training, Atomen embraced the piano with tenacity and zeal. Through years of fumbling, naivety, solitary practice and divine inspiration, Atomen stumbled on his first note, “Key F” after two arduous years, thus, the secrets of the piano were unraveled, culminating in the set up of his home music studio set up in 2004, as well as the publication of his debut musical album and literary work, “The Construction Site,” in 2010.

His creative journey continued to flourish with the release of his second book/mobile app, “People Shaping People (PSP),” in 2021, marking a testament to his multifaceted talents as both a musician, an author and a practicing architect. Atomen belonged to a handful of youth music groups like: All in Him (A capella group), the Armageddon Soldiers, H.4. C, Rhythms of Destiny, and featured in many church choir programmes and events in the North-central and Southwestern states of Nigeria.

Yet, beyond the accolades and artistic achievements lies Atomen’s greatest blessings – a devoted wife, Sweet Simi, and three gifted sons, Creative, Innovative and Inventive, who share his passion for live music. Their unwavering support and shared reverence for melody have enriched Atomen’s journey, infusing each note with love and purpose.

As Atomen reflects on his musical odyssey, he imparts words of wisdom to aspiring instrumentalists and dreamers alike. He encourages perseverance, urging them to embrace the journey with faith and determination. Through life’s symphony of highs and lows, Atomen’s unwavering passion has remained a guiding beacon, illuminating the path to divine harmony.

To the youth embarking on their own musical journeys, Atomen offers a melody of hope: embrace the challenges, for every stumble is a note in the symphony of growth. With patience and faith as their guiding refrains, they too can orchestrate their dreams into reality.

As Arc. Atomen Edom celebrates 30 years as church pianist, his legacy serves as an enduring testament to the transformative power of music and faith. His journey, marked by resilience and unwavering devotion, inspires countless others to embrace their passions and pursue their dreams with unwavering faith.

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Arc. Atomen Edom Celebrates 30 Years as Church Pianist: A Musical Journey of Faith and Resilience (1994-2024)

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