UNIJOS VC. donates two cows, celebrates Christmas with the students residing in the hostels.

The University of Jos, adorned with an air of festive merriment, witnessed a delightful spectacle for its students who were unable to embark on a journey for the Christmas holiday. In a gesture of great kindness, Professor Ishaya Tanko, the respected Vice Chancellor, generously offered his support for another term, presenting two cows and drinks to celebrate the joyful occasion. Leading a cohort of university administrators, he commemorated this momentous event alongside the vibrant student community.

The Dean of Student Affairs, Comr. Chris Piwuna expresses gratitude to the Vice Chancellor for this act of kindness and also informs the students that this is a personal and private support from the Vice Chancellor and not a commitment of the university. He urges the students to commemorate Christmas and remember the significance of the moment.

Accompanying the Vice Chancellor was the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academics, Professor Rahila Plangnan Gowon. The DVC Academics encourages the students to not only maintain academic excellence but also nurture their skills in dance and creativity, as demonstrated by a number of students during the celebration.

The students were commended by Professor Ishaya Tanko, the Vice Chancellor, for their dedication in preparing for the upcoming exams. He also urged them to uphold high moral standards that would reflect the purpose of the celebration. Furthermore, he assured that his administration remains committed to ensuring the well-being and safety of the students.

The standout moment of the event was the granting of financial prizes to students who displayed exceptional aptitude and imagination in the field of Dance. Meanwhile, the feasting and merrymaking endured.

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 UNIJOS VC. donates two cows, celebrates Christmas with the students residing in the hostels.

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