UNIJOS Students’ Protest: Management Engages with Students

D.M Long’gul reports from Jos- Nigeria

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Jos, Prof. Tanko Ishaya, together with the management team, actively engaged students in resolving the protests that disrupted the university from dawn until noon, leading to the university gates being closed for several hours.

VPN reports indicated that students living in Abuja Hostel were protesting against various issues, including hygiene, cattle intrusion on hostel grounds, and erratic power supply causing water shortages.

In meetings with student representatives, the Vice Chancellor listened carefully to their grievances and needs. The management then pledged to accelerate efforts to enhance the hostel’s hygiene standards.

Additionally, students were reminded to follow the proper protocols before staging any future protests to avoid interrupting the university’s academic activities.

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UNIJOS Students’ Protest: Management Engages with Students

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