University of Jos community and the vice chancellor celebrates workers’ day in a special way

The vice chancellor of the university of Jos, Professor Tanko Ishaya celebrated this year’s international workers’ day with the staff and students of the university in a very special way. In this year’s celebration, the vice chancellor rolled out special award packages to a number of staff and students who have distinguished themselves in various ways thereby contributing to moving the university to enviable heights.

In a statement made available to newsmen, the vice chancellor noted that the list of those who got the recognition was not exhaustive as “there might have been others who have performed credibly well” but they could not lay claim to the idea of being able to capture everyone deserving of such recognition hence a more robust approach will be adopted in the future to comprehensively capture those who deserve to be recognised.

The full statement reads:


On behalf of Management and the entire University community, I wish the University Community a happy Workers’ Day. Workers’ Day is an annual reminder of our immense sacrifice, commitment, contribution and achievements. As we mark this year’s Workers’ Day, I wish to emphasize our commitment to our members that we shall continue to ensure that their welfare is prioritized despite the general challenges currently facing our sector. We will also work in collaboration with the various staff unions to ensure that the above is achieved.

I also want to use this medium to reach out to our members who were affected by the destruction caused by the rainstorm that happened a few days ago. Although we have reached out to most of them at the individual level, we will do our best to ameliorate their suffering. We have also reached out to external bodies within whose power it is to support victims of such disasters. The University has itself suffered some degree of damages. We will do our best to ensure that some of these damages are fixed and/or repaired.

Upon assumption of office, we had pointed out that the welfare of our members would be an area where we would give full attention. In fulfilling our promise, during my second year anniversary celebration, we had stated that we would institutionalize the Vice-Chancellor’s Annual Award for the best performing members of the University Community during the year. In that regard, we have chosen to utilize this year’s Workers’ Day to celebrate those who are deserving of such recognition. To commence this initiative, we have tried to comb through our records and a few names (who received letters of commendations from Management) have been earmarked for the awards. Although there might have been others who have performed credibly well, we cannot claim that we captured everyone who deserves to be recognized. We assure you that in the future, we will take a more robust approach to gathering more information with a clear and transparent criteria to be used in capturing those who deserve to be recognized.

The spirit and motive behind this are two-fold. First is for the motivation of our workforce. This is to galvanize our members to put in their best in all their endeavours. Let it be known that there is a reward for hard work and dedication. The second aspect is to engender excellence and to raise the bar for professionalism. Without a doubt, we believe that the quest for excellence would not only reflect on our members, but it would also churn out more productivity.

The following are members of the University community who have excelled in their respective duties and fields:

i. Thomas Monday (P. 7863) Office Assistant – commendation for aiding the arrest of a thief.

ii. Sekyen Emmanuel (P. 8010) Office Assistant – commendation for aiding the arrest of a thief.

iii. Duamlong Ben Lutna’an Graduate of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts Best and oldest graduating student with CPGA of 4.32 in the 2020/2021 academic session at the age of 69.

iv. Professor Christopher Goson Piwuna Dean of Student Affairs – commendation for stabilizing Management and students’ relations during several impasses and introduction of innovation in process of Students Union Government (SUG) Elections.

v. Dr. Mary Jane Sule Department of Computer Science – Outstanding Research: Barriers in Science.

vi. Dr. Musa Makhu Department of Music – commendation for his creativity in composing the UNIJOS Anthem.

vii. Dr. Salamatu Jidda Fada Department of Geography – Honorary Doctorate Degree in Public Distinction by University of Bangor.

viii. Dr. Longwap Abdulazis Saleh Department of Chemical Pathology – Best Overall Part II candidate in Chemical Pathology.

ix. Mr. Solomon Tangni Agama Acting Chief Security Officer – commendation for stabilizing and Management and students’ relations during several impasses.

1. Duru Chiononso Cynthia UJ/2015/EN/0180

2. Allison Wisdom Ikenna UJ/2015/EN/0116

3. Morgan Dan Mangai UJ/2015/EN/0175

4. Oke Olaosebikan Blessing UJ/2015/EN/0206

5. Jamo Jeremiah James UJ/2015/EN/0204

6. Kyonev Austin A. UJ/2015/EN/0129

7. Johnson Nimzing Paul UJ/2015/EN/0133

On behalf of Management and the entire University community, I wish to convey our hearty congratulations to these worthy individuals who have made us proud by being exemplary, committed and dedicated to their obligations to the University. It is hoped that this initiative will spur others to put in their best and all their endeavours. As we carry out our duties and responsibilities, be assured that your efforts are noted and at the appropriate time, you will be rewarded.

As we conclude, kindly note that we are aware of the hardships and challenges our members are faced with as a result of the economy. As we look forward to receiving succour from the various government agencies and policies, we enjoin all of us to be patriotic and committed to playing our roles dutifully with a view to ensuring that we make collective efforts towards economic recovery and the greatness of our dear UNIJOS and the country at large.

We remain grateful for the relentless efforts and cooperation we have received thus far. We are indebted to you all. Once again, we assure you that we will do all within our means to ensure that your welfare and security are prioritized. After all, without a virile workforce we cannot achieve anything.

Elbert Hubbard once said “ One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man”.

Happy May Day (Workers Day), have a fruitful and blessed month ahead. Thank you.


Professor Tanko Ishaya FBCS, FNCS


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University of Jos community and the vice chancellor celebrates workers’ day in a special way

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