UNIJOS ASUU align with NEC to embark on strike

The ASUU chapter at the University of Jos has aligned with the National Executive Committee to commence a strike action after the two weeks warning strike. This was disclosed today in a world press conference holding at the unity hall of ASUU Unijos chapter.

Upon reading the text, it is revealed that Dr. Jurbe J. Mwolwus, the chairman of the ASUU UNIJOS chapter, announced that the congress, having concluded its congress today, has decisively voted in favor of a strike action. This decision comes as a response to the government’s apparent disregard for the matters currently under negotiation.

Some of the issues include the FGN/ASUU Agreement: The most recent agreement between FGN and ASUU was in 2009. After nearly a decade of advocacy, the union entered renegotiation with the FGN in 2017, initially under the leadership of Wale Babalakin’s Joint Renegotiation Committee. The negotiations stalled due to Dr. Babalakin’s rigid stance and proposals deemed unfavorable to workers, leading to Emeritus Prof Munzali Jibril taking over. Subsequently, the Federal Government replaced Prof. Jibril with Late Emeritus Prof. Nimi Biggs. In 2021, a draft agreement was formulated under the guidance of Prof. Briggs’ Committee. However, the draft was not sanctioned by the Buhari administration for undisclosed reasons.

The chairman also expresses the congress resolution on the illegal dissolution of the governing counsel by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. he states that ” we observed with dismay the continued erosion of autonomy of public universities, contrary to the provisions of the Universities Miscellaneous Act (1993, 2012). The illegal dissolution of Governing Councils by the Tinubu Government and many State Governments has paved way for all manner of illegalities in the Nigerian University System. University administrations now place advertisements for the appointment of Vice-Chancellor without authorization from the appropriate quarters – the Governing Councils. Outgoing Vice-Chancellors, working in cahoots with the Federal and State Ministries of Education, are illegally running the universities on a daily basis. They routinely usurp the powers of Governing Councils to recruit and discipline staff as well as manage university finances in manners bereft of transparency and accountability.”

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UNIJOS ASUU align with NEC to embark on strike

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