Tinubu’s Fate On The Plateau: Komsol’s Angle (Genesis, Revelation And Venom)

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Following the well deserved appointment of Senator George Akume as the Secretary General of the Federation by our President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinibu GCFR, a powerful delegation which comprised of Plateau State Former Governor Chief Joshua Dariye, Former Minister of Women Affairs Dame Pauline Tallen, Sen Hezekiah Dimka, Sen Nora Daduut and other prominent figures of the state; visited the SGF and congratulated him.
However, at the release of the group picture taken after the congratulation, I have observed with keen interest how the social media space has been intoxicated with innuendos by naysayers and later day opportunists who have no historical lead to the glorious Tinibu’s Presidency today.

The Genesis
At the dawn of the Tinibu’s Presidential aspiration, I make bold to say Hon. Komsol Alphonsus Longgap, Member Representing Mikang, Qua’anPan, Shendam Federal Constituency was present. Komsol and other true believers of Asiwaju’s Presidency queued into the Asiwaju dream, believing without hesitation that Nigeria needed an Asiwaju Presidency. At the dawn of the plus and minus, the strategy period and consultation stage, Plateau state was written off the map of the Asiwaju’s roadmap to Aso Villa. This was so because the Governor of the state was unwillingly to pitch tents with Asiwaju. Even going to the extent of preventing His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinibu from coming to campaign in Plateau State.

Nonetheless, Hon. Komsol and a few others who believed that the Tinibu’s Presidency was an idea whose time has come, insisted that Plateau state was going to be counted amongst the states that would give Asiwaju the needed number of delegates to enable him become the candidate of the All Progressives Congress APC. Therefore, Komsol and others rose up to the task and Hon. Komsol became a member of the Asiwaju’s Planning and Strategy Team that developed the organigram, more like a roadmap that led to Asiwaju’s victory at the APC primaries and God’s grace, His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinibu became the candidate of the All Progressives Congress. If everyone had fought Asiwaju’s chances at the Primaries like the anti-Tinibu’s camp in the state headed by the former Governor, His Excellency would have not gotten the ticket to become the candidate of the party, for the former Governor to come and take the lead in his subsequent campaigns.

The Revelation
One of Hon. Komsol Alphonsus Longgap’s greatest unforgivable sins that caused him the ticket to return to the National Assembly for the second time, was his refusal to follow other loyalists of APC to Rivers State to endorse Rotimi Amaechi as the Plateau Candidate for APC Presidential Primaries. Komsol’s insistence on Asiwaju’s candidacy was seen as a direct affront to the party leader in the state who had already given express directives to all APC stakeholders to support his candidate His Excellency Rotimi Amaechi. Komsol’s refusal to follow others to endorse Amaechi was considered a gravious sin and these anti-Asiwaju’s candidacy, swore to use all the powers and resources at their disposals to prevent Komsol’s return to the National Assembly.

More so, the last straw that fractured the camel’s back and twisted its neck, was the rude, sudden and mysterious disappearance of the money given for the flag-off of the Tinibu’s Presidential campaign in Jos Plateau State. The money earmarked for the flag-off of Asiwaju’s campaign developed mighty wings and vanished into thin air. All questions as to the whereabout of the money proved abortive. The disappearance of the money for the flag off, is what is hunting some people up to date and preventing them from getting appointment in His Excellency President Bola Ahmed Tinibu’s Government. No stakeholder is standing against the appointment of anyone from Plateau State, the mysterious disappearance of the money for flag-off is what is hunting some people today.

The Venom
To the naysayers, the fifth Columists and their co-travelers, before you accuse anyone of being desperate and being an anti-party agent; ask your almighty lords if they truly supported His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinibu to become President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Ask your lords if they indeed ever wished President Tininu well in his campaigns. Ask your lords to show you the results of their polling units if His Excellency President Tinubu won their units or wards. Ask your lords when they joined Asiwaju’s campaign. Those who only join the train at the afternoon hour, cannot claim ownership over those who started the journey from inception.

This is the first Phase of the revelation and atrocities committed by these fellows when they took over the Asiwaju’s campaign. It will get interesting if the need arises.

The Pen is Mightier Than Sword

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Tinubu’s Fate On The Plateau: Komsol’s Angle (Genesis, Revelation And Venom)

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