The Time is Now: Supporting the Governor’s Ambitious Plan for Plateau State – Cmr. Muhammad Sadiq

Your Excellency,

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the remarkable work you have undertaken since assuming office as Governor of Plateau State. Your leadership has been truly commendable, particularly in light of the significant challenges posed by insecurity and the national economic crisis.

Infrastructure Development: Your dedication to infrastructure development is particularly laudable. The visible improvements in Massalacin Juma’a road, Mangu Barikin Ladi road, Rikkos Yan Shanu in Jos North, are a testament to your commitment to creating a more prosperous and livable environment for the people of Plateau State.

Youth Empowerment: Furthermore, your decision to involve young people in your cabinet is an inspiring step. This demonstrates your belief in the potential of our youth and your commitment to fostering a more inclusive and dynamic government. This sends a powerful message to the young people of Plateau that their voices are valued and their contributions are essential to the state’s progress.

Uniting Through Leadership: One of the most commendable aspects of your leadership is your commitment to inclusivity. You have consistently demonstrated that you govern for all the people of Plateau State, regardless of religion or tribe. This approach, which emphasizes unity over division, is exactly what Plateau needs to move forward. Your recent donation of food items to the Muslim Community during Ramadan exemplifies this commitment and provides a beacon of hope that your mission of uniting Plateau is achievable.

Visionary Leadership: Your recent executive orders stopping heavy trucks from entering the Jos and Bukuru metropolis is a visionary step towards achieving the goals of the Greater Jos Master Plan. This initiative will undoubtedly contribute to a cleaner and more functional city.

Facing Challenges: We understand that the journey has not been easy. The state has grappled with insecurity and economic hardship. However, your unwavering dedication and strategic approach have provided a sense of hope and direction.

In Conclusion: Plateau State is fortunate to have a leader of your caliber at the helm. Your dedication, strategic vision, and commitment to inclusivity are exactly what the state needs to thrive. We, the citizens of Plateau, believe that more people like you are needed in governance across the nation.

Finally, I urge the Federal Government to extend its full support to Plateau State and your administration. By providing the necessary resources and backing your initiatives, the Federal Government can ensure the success of your “TIME IS NOW” agenda, propelling Plateau State towards a brighter future.

Thank you for your service.


Comrade Muhammad Sadiq Almusanah
National Coordinator

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The Time is Now: Supporting the Governor’s Ambitious Plan for Plateau State – Cmr. Muhammad Sadiq

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