The Sins of Rt.Hon. Simon Bako  Lalong…

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The sins of Rt.Hon. Simon Bako  Lalong-

Tomorrow will be a new chapter in the political history of t Plateau state, while there is contestation in the tribunal, cause it will not stop the transition of power because democracy upholds transition after four or eight years depending on the case, the epistle of today is about the Rt. Hon Simon Bako Lalong the former Governor of Plateau State.

To begin, I would like to borrow from the wisdom of William Shakespeare in Julius Cecar, a story about Power, victory and betrayal similar to our case. Shakespeare says: “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.”    And so shall it be with our Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong

From the Humble beginning at a small village called Ajikamai, Rt. Hon Simon Bako Lalong is one of the most favoured sons of the Plateau, he served as Speaker and as Executive Governor, but occupying public office gives people the right to see your life in a multidimensional way and partly it’s our assignment for today. Historically, Lolong became the governor under a much more tense situation, a situation where the former Governor Jonah Jang was blind and full of the gas of his enormous powers, he refused the “zoning system” technically agreed in principle, as part of Plateau power-sharing model. That Sin of the Holy leader, Jonah Jang fall Short of the standard of political correctness as defined in the “Plateau socio-political space” This is a major trigger for the RESCUE ADMINISTRATION of Lalong

Like Governor Jang what is the Sin of Governor Lalong?  Is he a perfect leader? In fact, to the extent of his flaws, someone recently said “May Lalong never happen to Plateau again” a statement I think is rather too harsh, right? Let’s x-ray the sins of lalong :

  1. The first Sin according to public opinion was when Governor lalong invited the President, Mohammdu Buhari to Plateau State on the 5th of January, 2015 and made his famous speech “People asked why was I dying for Buhari and I told them that I will die for Buhari because he is my helper. He has helped in addressing insecurity in Plateau and gave us a bail-out to clear workers’ salaries, there is nothing more than that; he will win Plateau far better than in 2015.”  This statement did not go down well with many plateau pundits why? Some claimed that the coming of the president was ushered in by many killings in Bokkos LGA but rather than telling the president the situation of things, the hype by Governor Lalong was to be perceived as his first sin do you agree with the proponents of this theory? For me, Nigerian politicians say things that will not hurt their superiors and lalong is not an exception but on the issue of dying for him ask yourself if it paid him or not.
  2. Second Sin is again a comment by Lalong on the situation of Benue killings and the Anti-Grazing Bill, Governor Lalong was quoted as saying -“I warned Ortom on anti-open grazing law” January 12, 2018.  “I told the governor of Benue when he was doing the law, I said look, why don’t you tread softly, just be careful, take other steps before you start implementation.“But you see states are different, his concept and that of our own in Plateau are different. I said I will not do the law before implementation. I have not developed the ranching areas so I cannot go and say I put a law.  To stop who? If I stop the people what is the alternative?
  3. The third Sin of Gov. Lalong is the refusal to visit communities affected by the killings by the Fulani herdsmen or other causes. so why would Lalong visit the communities if he had sent a representative? Recall that Senator Gyang Dantong and Gyang Fulani all met their end in such events so don’t you think maybe Gov Lalong is only careful?
  4. Political appointments. In fact and reality Lalong’s appointees are like Cecar and his friends because they are not only out of date but many did not connect with the grass root, looking hungry till the end of the administration. many think Lalong did not give them space to loot so that it will reach the grassroots, what do you think?    
  5. The fall-out between Gov. Lalong and Chief Letep Dabang. Some political analysts also said the timing of falling out with the former APC Chairman was the wrong political timing but why? What are even the Issues? This takes us to the next Sin
  6. The appointment of the Hausa (non-indigene) as Chairman of Jos North LGA. The public blamed Lalong for selling the inheritance of the plateau to its perceived enemy, this appointment was cut deep down and will be remembered especially by ethnic groups in Jos North. One of the people I interviewed promised that if he becomes Governor of Plateau State one day he will appoint a Hausa-Fulani as chairman in Lalong’s LGA (Shendam).again, it was speculated that Letep was not comfortable with the second coming of the Jos North Chairman, but who cares!
  7.    The inability of Gov Lalong to harmonise the APC family before the Governorship Elections, each aspirant claimed he has the blessings of the Rt. Hon Lalong to contest and till the threshold of the primaries, many still believe they will be anointed.  This causes the APC to go into several reconciliations after the primaries instead of consolation to win elections.
  8. Last but not least is the interference of the brothers with the Governor. Many believed that his brothers did not help him as they fail to empower people but put an eye on every contract including painting of the APC presidential campaign Office, a situation many see as selfishness of the highest order.

To this end, everything is over we only read history for the lessons, and this is not so much about Lalong but about the future leaders of Plateau, remember, anything with a beginning has an end and nothing lasts forever, remember I’m not a judge and so are you, so we say to Thank You Gov. Lalong may your good deeds go with you we shall remember the bad!          

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The Sins of Rt.Hon. Simon Bako  Lalong…

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