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The attention of NEC has been drawn to news items with misleading contents stating that “MUPUN YOUTHS ENDORSED APC CANDIDATE, DR NENTAWE…”
The MYA NEC resolved that those involved should come out themselves and clear the air within 24hours from now or the Mupun Youth Association will be forced to react to such ridiculous results of their individualistic or sub group actions in such a way and manner they or their beneficiaries will not appreciate.

Their actions or it’s results are totally aimed at making a caricature of our people and nation and indirectly too, the personality of our fathers and elders: Sadly, a Mupun title holder, a Gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party, Dr Patrick Dakum and, the Campaign DG of the PDP Gubernatorial candidate, (“the Masquerade”), Letep Dabang.

Mupun Youths led by a responsible body, the Mupun Youth Association whom our elders have struggled so hard to establish in order to protect the Mupun overall and overriding interest cannot fold it’s arms and watch the actions of few being taken advantage of against our more common interest? Or sensibilities.

Again, those involved, those who are either the benefactors or the hanger of these cheap desperate propaganda, except if they acquiesced of the effect and seeming intentions of the Journalists who covered their events; should come out and clear the air within 24hours.
This approach is important because MYA leadership was not privy to the event that led to the endorsement. We cannot also guarantee whether or not the endorsement was made on behalf of Mupun Youths. This is an opportunity for fair hearing that is expected to clear the air and solve the hullabaloo.

We are not contesting the fact that those who are involved are bonafide Mupun sons but the words used in the reportage, MUPUN YOUTHS, is ALL ENCOMPASSING and admits of NO EXCEPTION. We demand for this clarity so that other (desperate) groups of Mupun Youths may not take advantage and do same, thereby throwing the Mupun nation into ridicule.
All Mupun Youth sub groups (religious, political or sociocultural etc) should be circumspect in the pursuit of their group interests to avoid anything that will dampen our unity and, or, bring the whole Mupun nation into ridicule.

Effective: 26/08/22 8:00pm
“Leader/spoke person of Endorsee ‘Mupun Youth’ “

National Executive Committee,
Mupun Youth Association

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