PLSG & Jaize MOU saga: Tehl youths insist, “views rigged “


The controversial MOU between the Plateau State Government and Jaiz Bank in rebuilding of Jos Main market has no doubt ellicited lots of concerns from every well meaning indigene of Plateau and there is need for the state government to take a step back and reevaluate it’s stance on this knotty issue.

When we got news that our representatives would be meeting with their constituents with the aim of getting their views on this matter, we welcomed the idea and looked forward to that stakeholders meeting with the hope that the parley will avail us the opportunity to state the position of the Tehl Youths Movement as far as the rebuilding of the Jos Main market is concerned. But unfortunately, for reasons best known to the convener of that meeting, the veiws expressed at the meeting were rigged in order to please certain interest that are insisting on going ahead with the project despite the hues and cries that the matter has generated.
In view of the insincerity of the conveners of the stakeholders meeting and the betrayal of trust as shown by our representative, the Tehl Youths Movement wish to state as follows:

  1. That the Tehl Youths Movement unequivocally reject the signing of an MOU with Jaiz Bank in rebuilding of Jos Main market. A situation where the collective patrimony of Youths and even the generations yet unborn will be mortgaged because of greed, personal interest and the urge to placate certain interest within and outside the state is unacceptable.
  2. That considering the strategic impact the Jos Main market will have on commercial activities and ultimately boost the much needed Internally Generated Revenue for the state, a project of 10 billion Naira is not too much for Plateau state government to singlehandedly execute if there is the political will and we set our priorities right.
  3. That if the state government feels overwhelmed by competing demands from other ongoing project, they should suspend the idea of rebuilding the Market for the next administration to handle and rather concentrate their energy and resources on completing the other projects like like the British-American Fly-over bridge, Zaria Road Stadium, Legacy projects and other uncompleted projects that are littered across the state.
  4. That we condemn in the strongest term the attempt by the member representing Mikang, Hon. Naanlong Daniel Gapyil to present a completely different outcome from what actually transpired at the stakeholders meeting. At no point did the stakeholders from Mikang endorsed the rebuilding of the Jos Main market by Jaiz Bank. Hon. Naanlong should be reminded that his being a member of the Plateau State House of Assembly is at the instance of the good people of Mikang hence his allegiance and loyalty should be to Mikang first and foremost. Hon. Naanlong should remember that if as a leader your constituents cannot trust you with a simple task as conveying their views, demands and grievances to the state government without it been distorted, then there is need for him to have a serious introspection about his leadership style. Hon. Naanlong should instead lobby the Governor for the completion of the legacy projects which is the only thing that the people of mikang can attribute to Lalong administion if truly the interest of Mikang is topmost priority in his heart and not to dessipate his energy on window dressing report to suit his paymaster.
  5. We call on our teeming Youths not offer themselves to be used in mortgaging and destroying their own tomorrow. They should know that if the MOU with Jaiz Bank is allowed to be consummated, we, our children and grandchildren will be left to bear the brunts of whatever fallouts that may occur as a result of the ill-advised MOU, and by then, those who are pushing for this suspicious agreement may not be around, and even if they will be, will not be relevant again in influencing anything. So be careful of who you follow sheepishly in the name of loyalty because your actions and inactions today will come back to haunt you tomorrow. The internet doesn’t forget.

In conclusion, our fellow Youths should note that it is their future and that of generations yet unborn that is at stake here. Just remember that in the next 20, 30 or 40 years our younger ones and children who today, are in their teens and twenties will be the the Governors, Ministers, Commissioners, Legislators, Clergies, Traditional rulers, Captains of Industries e.t.c. What will you tell them was your stance when the future of the state was mortgaged?

Comrd. Daniel Dajen Dakup Lamtei President Sec-Gen

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PLSG & Jaize MOU saga: Tehl youths insist, “views rigged “

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