Tehl Youth Movement Insist on Zoning for Mikang State Assembly, Naanlong others to note ahead of 2023.

Ahead of the 2023 State Assembly elections in Plateau State, the Leadership and congress of the Tehl Youth Movement are insisting on political Zoning for the Mikang state constituency. Recall that, the seating Member, Hon Naanlong, who is currently the Majority leader in the PLHA is seeking re-election in that same constituency

The Tehl Youths Movement (TYM), held its Congress meeting at Singapore Hall, Tunkus on the 16th of April, 2022. The meeting also x-rayed the place of the Tehl Nation viz-a-viz the 2023 elections and beyond and came up with a communique signed by Daniel Dajen and Lamtei D for president and secretary respectively.

Tehl Youths Movement condemns in the strongest term the seeming domination by one district in the recent Police Recruitment Exercise. A situation where a single district (in Mikang), because of their vantage position, will corner 9 out of the 10 slots allocated to Mikang local government to the detriment of the other 3 districts is unacceptable. We, therefore, call on all stakeholders at the Local, State and Federal levels to address this injustice in the interest of equity, justice and brotherhood which Mikang is known for. 

The youth movement also observed with serious concern the deliberate alienation by political parties of Tehl Nation in the permutations towards  the  2023 general elections and call on our sons and daughters to get involved in order not to be left with the shorter end of the stick in the scheme of things

“The attempt by some politicians and political parties to distort the zoning and rotation principle as arranged and agreed by our founding fathers. We, therefore, call on ALL POLITICAL PARTIES that due to our socio-political and ethnic dynamics in Mikang, it is very important to respect these sacred arrangements in the interest of equity, justice, fairness and peaceful co-existence in the local government.” the group insist

The group threatened that failure to respect this zoning and rotational arrangements by ALL POLITICAL PARTIES will leave them with no option but to embark on mass mobilization of their people to make a statement with their votes.

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Tehl Youth Movement Insist on Zoning for Mikang State Assembly, Naanlong others to note ahead of 2023.

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