Sponsors of Boko Haram, Banditry are in Government- Prof Kunle

The Nigerian defense Academy Kaduna was invaded by some unknown gunmen and two soldiers were killed and one Major was kidnapped, this situation of attack on the Nigerian defense Academy is not just and an embarrassment to the defense headquarters but to Nigerians at large.
Many Nigerians will be having fear and confusion with many thoughts going on in their minds, according to KUNLE OLAWUNMI Former Navy Commodore and Professor of International Security Studies who Speak on Sunrise Daily Channels Television says “I have worked in the military intellence for 35years. I have worked as a core insider of intellence operations in Abacha Government, Babangida Government, Abdulsalam Government, Yar’ Adua Government and Obasanjo Government respectively.
I can confidently and factually tell you that there are people who believe that they can islamize this country. There are sponsors of Boko Haram and banditry attacks and they’re in this government”.
There has been many attacked not just in the academic but all over the country, below is the opinions of some citizens.

According to Satmak Dapar he said ” Some of us seeing the country through the lens of tomorrow know for a fact that the injury and excruciating pain this country experiences will take time to ameliorate. Killings and kidnappings don’t seem to have an end. Our medical doctors are relocating to other countries due to incessant strikes and the government’s lackadaisical attitude towards their welfare and growth. Young talents and gifted hands are sponsored by foreign companies to work for them in Finland, Turkey and others. The youths are faced with hopeless situations and can’t figure out what opportunity lies ahead. Yesterday, over 35 people were killed again in cold blood in a community close to UniJos. To be honest I’m confused. What more can we say? Please be security conscious and defend yourself. Explore other options to be productive and efficient. Nigeria is dancing on the brinks”.
“I see massive rebellions against government order if care is not taking in this our country and state”
Similarly M. G. Gonet says ” With the coming of Amotekun, killings drastically reduced in the south west, With the emergence of the Benue Guards, the Benue killing was drastically curbed.
Here on the plateau, there was operation 🌈 which has been restricted to office and salary and there is killing spree. Now that it’s obvious the federal securities cannot save us, shall we continue to fold our hands and keep Lamenting?
*#Bringback our Operation *”
“Look how the once ferocious, fierce, gallant army of the giant of Africa become a puppet in its own country…. If the military doesn’t see this killings of civilians as an affront on its untouchable and deadly” nature then not long before now, it will become rats before this militias…

Just stand up, just get up… Stand up and fight for your right. Our first line of defence is under siegey”
With the above, the situations is becoming unbearable to the citizens. If serious actions is not put in place by the government to really fish out those who are in government and has been sponsoring terrorist groups, the citizens will soon stand up to defend themselves and this may render the country a lawless society.

Just as OLAWUNMI Former Navy Commodore and Professor of International Security Studies said today on Sunrise Daily Channels Television.

The government must be willing to prosecute those sponsoring the terrorist before all these crisis would stop.

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Sponsors of Boko Haram, Banditry are in Government- Prof Kunle

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