Six Months After: The Imprint Of Hon. Daniel Kungmi On Mikang Local Government

By Joseph Fanap

Leadership is not the business of just anybody, it also is an affair that requires preparedness to surmount accidental problems intentionally. With that being the case, the highlight of the events in Mikang Local Government, at least in the last six months typifies what precision, blended with vision can do to a society that has found an egg head in the position of service.

The reactivation of the tourist center in Kangmi has opened the floodgate of visitors to the local government who would invariably, stimulate other aspects of the economy in the once “near-moribund” local government that was hitherto neglected.

Given the direct nexus between tourism and security, the Police station Mikang has adequately received the needed attention to equip the personnel who work in collaboration with local vigilantes to arrest the consuming issues of insecurity –worthy of note is the serenity and tranquility that has greeted the people’s collective domain and shut down the doors for petty and mega crimes and criminality.

Aware of the profound modalities that are imperative for a befitting future, the Primary school, Lifidi was also at the center of renovation activities for students to have a conducive learning environment in the best standard possible to compete with their peers at that level.

As inconsequential as ad hoc Staff at the local government level are regarded in most states of the federation, there is little wonder the Transition Implementation Committee (TIC) Chairman, Hon. Daniel Kungmi’s payment of the 18-months’ salary arrears comes to many as a surprise, despite documented evidence to that effect.

Similarly, education staff whose salaries were withheld for three months have been cleared and the biblical phraseology that a laborer deserves his wages holds true under the administration of Hon. Daniel Kungmi, arguably one man that stands shoulders above his contemporaries in leadership terms.

In the bid to curtail youth restiveness and the sheer determination to exploit the earning power of sports, for the first time in the history of Mikang Local Government Area, the Under-20 football team at his domain was sponsored to compete at the Zonal cadre in Akwanga, Nasarawa State –Mikang U–20 team clinched the trophy!

The very same football team was sponsored to the ECOWAS U–20 football competition that held at Accra, Ghana to sustain its progression considering the intricacies of sports, particularly football marketing and still won, having competed in the highest possible ethical standards as attested by the organizers.

It is noteworthy that not just Mikang Local Government was duly represented at that stage but Plateau State and by extension, Nigeria. Their victory is without a doubt, victory for the country at large!

It did not stop there by any stretch of the imagination as contingents of Mikang Local Government were sponsored to the Zonal inter-primary schools’ competition at ward levels and the result of such a meticulous undertaking is that they won 9 golds for their effort.

And turning to the subject of water supply, Hon. Daniel Kungmi, within his short time in office ensured that there is top level water reticulation in and around the Kangmi resort to change the narrative that had portrayed the Local Government in the diametrically opposite direction before his assumption of office.

The same approach was adopted in Baltop, where the GGMSS is situated as boreholes were installed to ensure adequate and constant water supply there.

Concerned by the poor electricity supply in Baltop, his administration undertook the task of installing solar plants to aid activities of immense relevance at the institution especially for science discipline.

With the rainy season already around the corner and its impact appropriately documented, the construction of vee drains along Tunkun-Lalin-Langtang for erosion control have all been accomplished to mitigate the impending danger that over the years was akin to a never-ending tell-tale around the axis.

In order to return the Local Government to its glory days with regards to Agriculture, fertilizers in large quantities have well been procured for onward distribution to verifiable farmers to actualize the dream of a bumper harvest at the end of the farming season.

To that effect, farmers in Mikang Local government would be able to access fertilizers at an incredibly subsidized rate, which is unmatchable when compared to their counterparts in other local governments of the state -50 per cent subsidy, for clear context.

This will further be given impetus to the already mapped-out plan to stem any unforeseen security impediment that is capable of becoming a cog in the wheels of progress.

The recent skirmishes that ensued in the borders between Mikang and Langtang Local Government Areas have also been swiftly curtailed.

Through the help of security agencies and collaboration with the state government, a dialogue table has been positioned for amicable resolution of all disputes between all parties to sustain the gains so far recorded rather than leave things to degenerate.

One month after the incident, the instantaneous intervention of the Mikang council Boss will ensure that not a single person currently resides in any Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp.

Consequently, all affected persons will return to their homes and enjoy maximum comfort as guaranteed by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at the end of May, 2024.

A little over N700 million was budgeted and disbursed for the rebuilding of the affected people’s settlements, packs handed to them and the local economy stimulated with a committee set in place for monitoring and evaluation all works being executed to this effect.

The emerging issues of malnutrition in children is another area of great importance as the TIC chairman is not letting any stone unturned to arrest the problem for the safety and wellbeing of the young populace in his domain.

Being a man of integrity, Hon. Daniel Kungmi has introduced accountability and prudence to the doorstep of governance and continues to ensure that the people’s treasury is not looted blind.

Proper documentation of ingoings and outgoings in terms of financial transactions are well documented for posterity’s sake.

The future of Mikang Local Government is indeed safe, and Hon. Daniel Kungmi is well aware that the reward of hard work is more!

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Six Months After: The Imprint Of Hon. Daniel Kungmi On Mikang Local Government

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