Rivers of blood in Plateau, as another 27 killed in Bassa overnight attack

The blood-letting in Plateau has assumed a new dimension with the killing of an additional 20 people in an overnight attack on Nkiedonwhro village. In similar fashion to all attacks witnessed this week, the innocent villages were snuff-out in the sleep. Most of the dead are women, children and the aged.

This gives a “perfect score” of 6-out-of-6 i.e., 6 attacks in six days –which is a very sad record of ineptitude for our security forces and the leadership of Plateau state. This is almost an entire week of hearing rumours of attacks and these rumours becoming realities. What a shame

ViewPointNigeria’s count of the dead (i.e., in the 6 days of the attacks), comes to approximately 40. With over 100 people injured, some at very critical states.

In addition to the lives lost, the real losses are in the farms and swathes of land which have now been abandoned for herdsmen to graze. At the time of filing this report large segments of Bassa LGA have now been abandoned for open field grazing. This is similar to what is obtainable in the Manguna district area of Bokkos, the Sho/Jol areas of Barkin Ladi and Riyom.

Without a doubt, October 2017, will be remembered as a BLACK month in the history of Plateau state.

See pictures of the attack at: http://www.viewpointnigeria.com/pictures-27-people-killed-nkiedonwhro-bassa-lga-plateau-state/

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Rivers of blood in Plateau, as another 27 killed in Bassa overnight attack

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