In the good old days when. Agriculture seems to be the mainstay of the economy, we were used to Forest Reserve and it is control by government so as to get the solid Agricultural products such asTimber, Wild Animal, Fruitsof any kinds for exports so as to earn money for country development.

Thanks to the generation past, our national forest are our heritage, their conservation will be our legacy. Africans forests are a treasured legacy threatened by insects, diseases and devastating wild fire, but foundational member, corporate sponsors, and partners continue to respond. This year the foundational planted trees nearly five million trees in our nations forest through partnership with the U.S forest services and the National Association of State Forest with far–reaching impact throughout the country.

The generosity of supporters and on the ground partner has allow the foundation to plants 25million tree in total through more than 200 projects.

These new trees helps gesture life and vitality to the land, more than 160millions. African rely on drinking water from forest and replanting help form harps rain and snowmelt soak into the soil and halt erosion around Lakes, Streams and Reservoirs. The tree help mitigate the impact of climate change by absorbing carbon – dioxide from the atmosphere and replacing it with pure species have provided critical habitat and the trees preserve the share legacy of given inspiring beauty in our national forest , for this and future generation to enjoy. For example, on the Gallatin National Forest often referred to as the gateway to yellowstone, “a 2006 fire burned through 12,000 acres have devastated the land. Many of the burned areas are buffers for Gallant Greeks and streams which in turn affect many of the forest’s fishery resources and water supplies for communities often miles down stream.

With the support of members and corporate partners, the foundation is replanting in these critical areas to protect fresh water and restore majestic venues for procreation.

One of the state forests receiving attention this year was black water river state forest, an abundance of plants and animals life locate in Floridasparihandle.

To combat a shrinking forest ecosystem, the foundation is working with the Florida Forest Service and others to plant more than one million long leaf pinntrees. These newly planted trees will provide diverse habitat and food sources for wild life and preserve public land for this and future generation of visitors.

Corporate partners that have love for tree planting should have sustained commitment in replanting trees and this would reflect their global natural endowment in the community of Green Evolution. In seeing the practical reality of the value green, Ostrich Business Venture has helped plant trees globally of at least four (4) countries namely California, Kenya, India and Rwanda through online platform by contributing 1 dollar each to plant trees in those four (4) countries and the reasons are not for-fetched, it is to bring to the fore the important of green plant to the Global world.

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