PSJ tasks Nigerian Government to contain Insecurity, Poverty and Educational Deficiencies

A Non-governmental Organization, the ‘International Organization for Peace and Social Justice (PSJ)’ has called on Nigerian Governors, especially Governors from the North Eastern part of the country to intensify efforts aimed at putting an end to insecurity, poverty, and educational deficiencies within the Northeastern Geopolitical Zone of the Country. These efforts according to the organization are critical catalysts, pivotal to the general development and progress of the region.

This was disclosed by the NGO at end of a Strategic Meeting of the Organization in Gombe, Gombe State Nigeria, at a 3-day event held from Wednesday 15th May, 2024 to Friday 17th May, 2024.

During technical sessions at the event, concerns were raised on the issues plaguing the North East and Nigeria at such as rampant killings, perceived social
Injustices, economic hardships occasioned by Inflation and government policies, and the need to deliver Good Governance in Nigeria.

The gathering also demanded for equity and equality for ethnic minorities and other marginalized groups, especially in the northern part of the country which they stressed will guarantee that minority rights and opportunities are protected and promoted.

The event drew participants from Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Taraba, Yobe, and the host state, Gombe who were led by their respective state coordinators. The meeting according to the NGO was structured to foster a collaborative approach towards achieving a fair and secure Nigeria for all citizens irrespective to backgrounds and affiliations.

The NGO’s State coordinators, led by Mr. Solomon Lokta, gave progress report of their efforts in the region, while also pointing out challenges faced in their localities. Some of the issues highlighted included communication barriers, security concerns, and financial limitations.

Responding in an his advocacy talk, National Leader of the NGO Mr Sam Odeh stressed the importance of strategic advocacy and integrity within the movement, while also encouraging participants to be resilient for the task ahead. He assured the coordinators and participants of the organization’s support, but however warned against sharp and insincere practices.

In his own words, Mr Odeh added that “Our movement is driven by the need for strategic advocacy and a sincere commitment to ending the persistent issues of killings, social injustice, and bad governance in Nigeria. We must stand united and support each other to make a tangible difference.”

Mr. Bakali Maina, Mobilization Secretary of the NGO also contributing in the sessions encouraged participants to remain steadfast in their pursuit of the vision of the NGO. He emphasized that “The challenges we face are significant, but our collective dedication to this cause is stronger. Together, we can mobilize effectively and create a just and prosperous Nigeria for all.”

Highlights of the event was a brief dinner organized for participants before their departure.

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PSJ tasks Nigerian Government to contain Insecurity, Poverty and Educational Deficiencies

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