PLSG to spend N1.1 billion on the demolition of Jos Main Market

The Plateau state commissioner of Commerce and Industries, Yakubu Idi has said that the proposed demolition of the Jos Main Market will gulp a whooping N1.1 billion because it is located within the main business district, with lots of houses and offices.

Addressing newsmen, Idi said experts were contacted from overseas and they have undertaken a valuation which has arrived at such a sum. He said the explosives to be used for the demolition were imported and not local explosives.  Speaking, he said “it is not the ordinary type of demolition that we see around, this is a specialised type of demolition, where special explosive and equipment are required”.

He said the demolition would be conducted in 4 stages, starting with the sanitation of the entire environment to rid it of human excreta and faeces.

Reacting to the lofty sum, residents who spoke to newsmen expressed surprise at such a high figure –querying how the destruction of an already dilapidated building could cost that much when the building of structures only cost marginally more than that.

Some reacted by asking why foreign companies have to be used when local explosive can be procured cheaply and a local vendor/contractor used.

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PLSG to spend N1.1 billion on the demolition of Jos Main Market

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