Plateau Youth G-17 Urges Government to Address the Security Situation in Fan and Environs in Barkin Ladi, Plateau State


One of the cardinal responsibilities of government as enshrined in the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended), chapter II on the Fundamental Objective & Directive Principles of state policy, includes among many others, the protection of lives and property as well as the welfare of the citizen. It is sad & very disheartening that we are today witnessing a continued deterioration of the security situation in the country and in Plateau State in particular.

It is in line with the aforementioned that we call on the Federal and Plateau State Government to urgently, rise up to their Constitutional responsibilities of protecting lives and property in Fan District of Barkin Ladi LGA, Plateau State.

A situation where citizens live in a perpetual state of fear and apprehension over the Hobbesian state their lives have degenerated, cannot be tolerated by a responsible government. It is no longer news that Nding Village and its environs have been under siege for over a week now by gunmen and the people of Fan and Ropp Districts now live in constant fears following unabated harassment, attacks, rape and killings meted on them by haters of peaceful coexistence, some of whom the community have identify to be Herdsmen colluding with others, the people of Fan District have been left with little or no security intervention, a situation that has made them more vulnerable and prone to attacks at anytime. No stone should therefore be left unturned in ensuring that citizens rights to life and the pursuit of happiness are protected and guaranteed. Urgent steps must be taken to reverse such ugly trend which potents great security threat to the entire state and country.

This sad development has left the people with no choice than to follow the timely advice of the elder statesmen, General T Y Danjuma and defend themselves within the ambit of their constitutionally enshrined right to self defense. We wish therefore, to use this medium to call on security agencies to up their game and confront the security challenges in Fan, parts of Ropp, Jol and some parts of Bokkos LGA that have led to wanton destruction of lives and property worth millions. As the situation degenerates with increased rapidity there is need for a new and workable security architecture to address the daunting security challenges.

Government at all levels must demonstrate seriousness, empathy and not treat sensitive security issues with kid gloves. The security challenges in Fan may degenerate to a national disaster if a clear and determined political will is not mustered to bring the carnage to an end.

While calling on government to rise to the challenge by not abdicating its responsibility to ensure the safety of lives and property and to bring perpetrators to justice, we call on the people affected to remain peaceful, prayerful but very vigilant at all times. It is our deepest desire that, as a people, we continue to concentrate on peace building while eschewing provocative tendencies.

God bless Plateau State
God bless Nigeria

Dachung Bagos
Convener, Plateau Youth G-17 Peace&Progress Forum
29th May, 2018

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Plateau Youth G-17 Urges Government to Address the Security Situation in Fan and Environs in Barkin Ladi, Plateau State

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