Plateau Peace Media Network Partners with State Agency, to Harness the Power of Media for Peace

In a resounding call for unity and collaborative efforts to enhance early conflict detection, informed dialogue, and reconciliation within Plateau communities, the Coordinator of the Plateau Peace Media Network (PPMN), Matthew Tegha, led a delegation of PPMN Executives and members on a courtesy visit to the Plateau State Peace Building Agency today.During the visit, Matthew Tegha emphasized the critical need for cooperation between the Plateau Peace Media Network and the Plateau State Peace Building Agency, recognizing the pivotal role the agency plays in shaping the landscape of peace within Plateau State.

The Plateau Peace Media Network, a recently established state structure of the Community Initiative to Promote Peace (CIPP), a project by Mercy Corps and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), expressed its eagerness to contribute its expertise to complement the agency’s ongoing efforts. The network is committed to harnessing the power of responsible media engagement to promote conflict sensitivity and advance early warning and early response initiatives in Plateau communities.

“As media practitioners, we comprehend the influential role that accurate and responsible reporting plays in shaping public perception and opinion. Through our training and experience, we have acquired the skills to provide objective and informative coverage of conflict situations while actively contributing to their resolution. This proactive approach aligns perfectly with the ethos of the Plateau Peace Building Agency,” stated Matthew Tegha. He further emphasized the importance of collaboration in effective peace building, highlighting the need for active involvement from various stakeholders. “We recognize that effective peace building is a collaborative effort that requires the active involvement of various stakeholders, and we are here to explore the possibilities of a synergistic partnership. We firmly believe that by uniting our knowledge and resources, we can make a lasting impact on the peace landscape of Plateau State,” he added.

In response to this call for collaboration, the Acting Director General of the Plateau Peace Building Agency, Mr. Gayi Timothy Gayi, expressed the agency’s commitment to working with the Plateau Peace Media Network and other groups collectively working towards promoting peace in the state. He noted that the agency has a history of collaboration with organizations sharing similar objectives.Mr. Gayi highlighted the agency’s dedication to the role of media in their peace building efforts, underscoring the establishment of a strategic communications unit. He also mentioned that the agency is actively aligning its strategy with government policies to further enhance its effectiveness.

Additionally, Mr. Kenneth Dakup, the Head of Strategic Communications at the Plateau Peace Building Agency (PPBA), called on media professionals to distinguish between the roles played by the PPBA and security agencies. He emphasized that the agency’s primary focus is on early warning and peace-building efforts, including dialogues, mediations, and various forms of intervention, while security agencies primarily handle early response to address resurging conflicts.The collaborative spirit displayed during this visit underscores the commitment of both the Plateau Peace Media Network and the Plateau State Peace Building Agency to foster lasting peace and stability within Plateau communities, with the aim of creating a more peaceful and harmonious future for the people of Plateau State.

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Plateau Peace Media Network Partners with State Agency, to Harness the Power of Media for Peace

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