Plateau of Our Dream (Part 5) – Cmr. Nanle Gujor

In the book, “Understanding Leadership” by John Eddison, there is this thought provoking statement: “It is tragic when we see a thoroughly good person hijacked into a position of leadership for which nature never equipped him. God has not equipped all men and women to be leaders nor to lead in the same kind of way. The dangerous result of this can be that the wrong sort of people get to the top–the seekers of power for its own sake, while others, taking the line of least resistance, find themselves outmanoeuvred and exploited”
The Late JD Gomwalk was not elected, but appointed by General Gowon. It was by share luck and also a good coincidence to have had an individual who was the son of the “Soil” having a good knowledge of what his people needed and proceeded to deliver the goods with efficiency. His commitment, beyond question, made the difference. General Gowon probably did not listen to JD Gomwalk’s opponents, who probably felt that he was splitting the north and thereby damaging its unity.

He was given a free hand to operate and the results are obvious.
Now that the electoral processes are in progress, the role of the electorate will be very important and necessary towards electing and supporting “The Governor of our Dream”. The political parties have their rules and regulations for the nomination and eventual emergence of a governor. (I wish that they adhere to the rules and regulations) In normal circumstances, candidates who offer themselves for election should be men and women whose tract records should be strong pointers to their performances when in power.

I firmly believe that there is no Local Government in Nigeria today where men and women of outstanding qualities cannot be be found. Hence, the need to adhere to rotation or zoning with every respect. If we care to search, there is no scarcity of good people. There are quite a number of issues that can bankrupt the election of the Ideal person to govern Plateau. The monetary inducement has become so pervasive that committed, knowledgeable and astute candidates but poor have no place in the system–Very unfortunate! Of course, money is required to buy fuel, print posters, hire transport, buy space in the News media, etc, but not to the extent to which the electorates are being corrupted to vote only for the rich, in terms of money, but very poor in delivering, or vote under threats. It is natural that a man who invested a lot in the electoral process will take a lot out of Government treasury to cover his expenses and to make handsome (or ugly) profits too! (In rare cases, you get some one who has exhibited his generosity and closeness to his people before venturing into politics. You must know and sieve such). As a result of this, he will be unable to maintain the existing assets, much less to develop new ones. The joy of developing the society will be lost. Thus shameless looting will be the order of the day. The society suffers in the end.

Looking at security challenges enveloping the State,and the entire country, and the issue of education going down stream, I believe that the time has come for citizens to attempt to make their search light deep and wide and identify individuals who have potentials across party divide.

If JD Gomwalk were living today, and he wants to stand election, is it possible for him to get nominated by his party and there to get elected? This would have been possible before 1980 or 1990, but not in the present day circumstances. The reasons are not far fetched. His commitment and idealism will earn him such characterization as ‘hardman’, ‘inflexible’, ‘rigid’ and even ‘arrogant’ because of his general inclinations. It could have been very difficult for JD Gomwalk get elected because he will refuse corrupt tendencies, ‘He will not allow free flow of water’ (Zaya hana ruwa gudu). This is the character that we should be looking for. Be careful, some of the key players live on falsehood, gossip, blackmail, tribalism and the likes. Show me your team, the type of governance from you can easily be predicted. Let me repeat my earlier statement, The choice of the working team should not be composed of stooges and people of questionable character, but men and women of sound mind, knowledge, courage and commitment, who will give courageous advice without fear. This gagging should start from the campaigns.

Based above expectations, I will hasten to add that Plateau State has a dare need for a Governor who will not be afraid to introduce changes, whether radical or mild. Such a person should be aware of and be prepared to withstand the consequences. Those who will try to please imaginary masters else where will lose time and opportunities to imprint their names on the sands of time line the Late legend.
Watch out for part 6

(Sec. Gen, PIDAN)

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Plateau of Our Dream (Part 5) – Cmr. Nanle Gujor

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