Jos Custodial Centre Experience: “Who Will Lead Us?” – Amb. John Pofi

Since the time the Jos custodial centre was invaded, I started writing but I was battling with the title until I watch the video of the operation where one of armed squad of the centre asked the question ” who will lead us?” at the point they were to enter the yard and find out the real situation.
Since then I have been asking the question, who will lead us? because as it is Nigeria and plateau state have no leaders and the inhabitants are like sheep without shepherd.

To be surprised that a fully fortified cosmopolitan correctional facility sitting in the heart of headquarters of four major security agencies in Nigeria is being successfully raided is the worst form of hypocrisy.

The facility is very close to the state commands of the DSS, the Police, the Nigerian Correctional Centre itself and metres away from the headquarters of Operation Safe Haven. The facility is again surrounded closely by a. police divisional headquarters and an Area command, and again right inside police barracks.

One can only be surprised if it happens in an organised clime, but not in Nigeria where any impossibility seems to be possible.

One may not be surprised because it is not the first custodial centre to be attacked, and two, since higher and more secured security institutions and military formations like even the Nigerian Defence Academy were raided successfully, then to be surprised that a mere cosmopolitan correctional facility has been attacked is tantamount to mockery.

For a correctional facility to successfully invaded with over 262 escaped into a supposed decent society what then should we be expecting in the coming days??? Nigeria in recent years a pointer to the brutal fact that the security situation in the land is now worthless and everyone is to himself.

This also raises concern on the condition of our purported correctional facilities that hardened offenders rather than correct them and the criminal justice system where suspects spend ten to fifteen years awaiting trial aside the monster of congestion where a facility that is meant for eight hundred people will be sheltering four thousand inmates.

What about inmates’ rights to quality health care delivery, right to quick dispensation of justice, sporting events, legal services and so on?

If we don’t look at all these, then am afraid but even at the risk of being called a prophet of doom, I must confess that we will continue to witness this type of ugly situation.

The absentee governor of plateau state, Simon Bako Lalong who is supposed to visit the correctional centre though a federal government agency, has in his usual manner directed the Director of Press and Public Affairs to issue a statement and condemn the barbaric act and that is all and like numerous deteriorating issues waiting for his attention so should this one wait till a focused leader takes over from him in 2023.

The efforts of the armed squard of the Nigerian Correctional Service must be rewarded generously for taming the assailants.

Like the question one of the armed squard asked in a video that has gone viral; Who will lead us? This question will remain valid until we get better replacements for President Muhammadu Buhari and the visiting governor of Plateau State, Simon Bako Lalong.

May God bless the efforts of those who are doing the right thing.



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Jos Custodial Centre Experience: “Who Will Lead Us?” – Amb. John Pofi

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