Following the unfortunate demise of distinguished senator GNS Pwajok in the wee hours of yesterday October 28th 2015, condolences and reactions have continued to trail the news.

In the most recent, serving senator Jonah Jang has released a statement expressing his immense grief at the loss of the distinguished senator. The statement read I am greatly pained and deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of a true Plateau son, our brother, mentor to the younger generation, Senator Gyang Nyam Shom Pwajok. He passed on 28th October 2015 after a brief battle with complications from hepatocellular carcinoma”.

Speaking further he said As a firm believer in the supremacy of God over every being and all his creation, I believe that he has set out for everyone, his time upon the earth. It has pleased him to take Senator Pwajok at this time, so all we can do is thank him and not question his authority”.  

He extolled the virtues of Senator GNS Pwajok, by saying “As a detribalised man, Senator GNS Pwajok served his purpose through his sojourn in politics and his tenure in the red chamber by bringing together different people, divergent views and ideologies with the sole aim of unifying all. His greatest desire even at death, was to see Plateau people and the nation at large become one unified and indivisible entity”.

In closing, Jang said “ I join Plateau people in praying that God gives his soul recompense for the good he impacted on humanity and call on all well-meaning Nigerians and Plateau people, especially those whom his last call of duty, was to represent in the National Assembly, to stand by the family and honour the memory of the departed senator, who sold himself to service of humanity, country and state”.

At the time of the release of this statement by Jonah Jang, burial details were yet to be released by the family –but this is expect to be made public over the course of next week.



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Jang releases statement, extol virtues of late Senator GNS Pwajok

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