Hon. Yokden Gideon Rotshak Inaugurates Campaign Coordinators for the Twenty Wards of Pankshin LGC.

Preparatory to the forthcoming local government elections, a front line aspirant for the chairmanship position of Pankshin LGC, Hon. Yokden Gideon Rotshak has inaugurated his campaign coordinators for the twenty wards of the local government.

In his uniqueness, Rotshak inaugurated the coordinators for the ten wards in Pankshin south and those in Pankshin North separately.

Inaugurating the coordinators at Abwor-Dyis and Vel sunset separately, the dogged aspirant appreciated the inaugurated coordinators for accepting to be his coordinators in their various wards and tasked them to ensure that the name Rotshak is heard and felt in each polling unit and each household in the entire local government. He stressed that his commitment and resolve to serve Pankshin LGC differently for the overall good of the people of Pankshin is unquenching.

In their separate submissions, stakeholders present applauded the efforts of the chairmanship hopeful and stressed that Rotshak is the only chairmanship candidate who has put so much effort in the contest and will hopefully clinch the party ticket and by extension, the chairmanship seat. 

They further encouraged the coordinators to work hard to complement the tireless efforts put in place by Hon. Rotshak.

On their part, the coordinators appreciated the chairmanship hopeful and his team for finding them worthy to coordinate their various wards and promised to work relentlessly to ensure that Rotshak wins their various wards. They stressed that they have been following the aspirant keenly since his last contest and have realized that He is indeed an indefatigable leader who will turn things around for the greater good of the people of Pankshin LGC when given the opportunity. They promised not fail in their responsibilities by ensuring that Rotshak is heard and felt deep in the hearts of every individual in their various wards. 

Highlights of the inauguration was the presentation of campaign materials to the coordinators for onward distribution to their various wards.

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Hon. Yokden Gideon Rotshak Inaugurates Campaign Coordinators for the Twenty Wards of Pankshin LGC.

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