Factions Marred Pankshin APC LG Congress

Golu Nenfort Goladi Reports.

Internal party democracy is the bedrock of democracy and the process of selecting leaders, from the grassroots. In view of this mandate, the LG APC Congress was slated for today 4th September 2021 with the electorates supposedly drawn across all the wards in the Local Government but the process cannot be said to normal.

VPN observed that the process was marred with irregularities as two separate Factions emerged with two LG chairmen and 48 Exco’s.

Chairman who emerged in the congress held at the APC Party secteriate in Pankshin. From chip Pankshin south.
Picture of the 2nd chairman who emerged at the congress held at Hon. Kakmena Audu residence in pankshin.

The outgoing APC local government Chairman of the Party addressed all party faithful in the presence of Armed security men, The Press and INEC officials in the party office say:

conducting the election by way of consensus to nominate worthy party members to take full charge as against the usual tradition of conducting the election, The chairman appreciated the level of patience of members and pleaded with all aggrieved members to shed their sword in the interest of the party unity.

some excos at ward level interviewed by VPN complained about the inability to conduct congress at ward level as earlier schedule, while others insist that they have conducted congress at ward level stating they are satisfied with the outcome of the process which they claimed to be free, fair and credible.

The commissioner representing plateau at the federal character commission, Hon.Steve Jings, Member Plateau state House of Assembly Barr.Henry Longs, the current ,executive members of the local government and five chairmen of federal ward, Former Aspirants of the APC chairmanship position in the local government Yokden Gideon Rotsha, Barr. Chaka oste are notable faces in the first group loyal to Hon.Letep Dabang, the suspended chairman of APC. This group seem to be the founding members of APC with the party structure.

The Faction threatened that anyone who tries to undermine the decision of the congress at any level will be resisited by all legal mechanism

VPN gathered that the Diket Plang and Vwarji led faction refused selling the forms to Mr.TANSAN PAKSO, OT who protested to the federal level in Abuja, even though without a nomination Form, he claims to have the payment voucher.

The Other factions headed by Maichibi Vwarji and Diket plan include notable faces among which are: Hon. Regina Soemlat commissioner for finance, Hon. Kakmena Audu, Commissioner of Education, Chief.Robert Taple, Dr Patrick Dakum, Phil Dasun member Pankshin North and many other stakeholders.

The factionalize congress election was well staged as the purpoted new EXCO took their oath of office at the Residence of Hon. kakmena before matching to in a carnival procession to the stadium and lastly to the Pankshin APC office which was under lock because the first group who had the current chairman had finished and left.

VPN observed the presence of INEC officials and security in both factions. The INEC official interviewed by VPN confirmed that INEC recognize both faction,but they are only Monitors and at best it only to write a report but any settlement is for the court.

The question that begs for an answer will be, who is the APC chairman in Pankshin? and can a party without internal democracy guarantee leadership for the state? The coming days shall answer the questions

Pictures making the news.

First group

At the party secteriate
At the party office in pankshin. Open. LG chairman and EXCO, Hon Jings.and other stakeholders
Elected faction chairman
supporters and delegates

the second faction see pictures

At the same party office under lock.
Elected faction chairman
Faction EXCO taking the oath of office

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Factions Marred Pankshin APC LG Congress

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