“COVID-19 Vaccines are Safe and Effective, They Don’t Alter the Human System” – Tobias Choji

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continue to adversely affect the World with over 300 million cases detected and over 5 Million deaths recorded globally from the virus, a Medical Laboratory Scientist who is a Chief Medical Lab. Scientist with the National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI) Vom Plateau State, Mr. Tobias Choji has said the vaccines manufactured to contain the virus are safe and effective.

Nigeria is also hit by the virus with over 250,000 confirmed cases and over 3,000 deaths from the virus.

According to Mr. Choji, the Vaccines have undergone all the stages of clinical trials required for all vaccines and have proven to be safe for human use globally.

He said the COVID-19 Vaccine is a Messenger Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) vaccine where that particular component is picked and utilize to produce the vaccine and once it is introduced into the body it signals the body immune system to produce antibodies.

He said the Vaccines are free from negative consequences to the body as the goal is to stimulate the body to produce antibodies against the specific organism, COVID-19 in this case.

He posited that the method of producing the vaccine is not distinct from other vaccine manufacturing especially Rabies Vaccine which made it easier for the World to record early success in getting the COVID-19 Vaccines.

“The messenger RNA Vaccines for instance has been in research for decades that was why many wondered why the COVID-19 Vaccines were produced within a short time period”

“The COVID-19 Vaccine is not a chip that is inserted into human body as some conspiracy Theorists falsely claimed”

“There are procedures for vaccines production and once vaccines are made, they undergo four (4) phases of clinical trials with each phase involving human beings to ascertain if they are safe for use. The trials are being monitored by groups especially the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on immunization and the World Health Organization (WHO) also has the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety who monitors at these different levels and once any problem is discovered at any level, that particular vaccine will be stopped. The Committee will have to review to comprehend what the problem is. If what is used as vaccine is a chip or anything unsafe, the committee made of different Countries with professionals would had raised alarm” he stressed.

He made this known during a COVID-19 Vaccine Radio Awareness Programme with the theme “COVID-19 Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness” sponsored by Centre for Information and Development (CITAD) and McArthur Foundation on Wednesday 12th January, 2022 on KT 103.9 FM Jos.

He said the reason why the COVID-19 Vaccines were developed faster is because of technology which has made things easier than what was obtainable in the past. He said there is an existing template for such vaccine production and the global collaboration on the COVID-19 Vaccine production was huge and commendable.

He pointed out that the benefits of the COVID-19 Vaccine outweighs the minor side effect which varies with the individual’s body system, wellbeing of the person when the vaccine is being administered and indication that the body is responding to the vaccine positively meaning the body immune system is trying to produce antibodies against the specific antigene (that is the substance that was administered).

On the claim that the vaccine causes impotency, the Scientist hinted that “the COVID-19 Vaccines doesn’t cause impotency or alter anything in the body system. What is does is that the protein deposited in the vaccine triggers the body immune system to develop antibodies specifically against COVID-19 and that protein deposited the body will later mop it off once the aim has been achieved, that is the antibodies development”

He described the claim as false, misleading and unfounded.

He urged the public to ignore conspiracy Theorists and ensure they are vaccinated.
He also admonished the people to adhere to the COVID-19 safety protocols advised by health Professionals to prevent the spread of the virus.

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“COVID-19 Vaccines are Safe and Effective, They Don’t Alter the Human System” – Tobias Choji

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