Business Mogul, Dr. Godfrey Bawa Shitgurum Urges Plateau Government to Create Conducive Environment to Attract Investments

Plateau State Government have been urged to design a policy framework that will create and provide conducive environment to encourage and bring especially, indigenous industrialists to invest in the State.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the DUNCAN GROUP OF COMPANIES, owner of Plateau Duncan Fertilizer Company, located in Larwin, Heipang, Barkin Ladi LGA, Dr. Godfrey Bawa Shitgurum, MON
made the call in Jos the Plateau state capital.

He argued that indigenous entrepreneurs are willing to come home and invest once the Plateau State Government provides the enabling environment.

The policies, according to Dr Shitgurum, should be very friendly for business, with greater government partnership and collaboration, as well as the improvement of the security coverage in the State.

“Many citizens of Plateau State are willing to come home and invest. All they need is the involvement and assurances of the government to carry them along,” Dr Shitgurum said, adding that frequent liaison between Governor Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang and the entrepreneurs will also go a long way in encouraging citizens to come home and invest”.

Explaining further, Dr Shitgurum said that involvement means government partnership; waivers on some stringing conditions; the provision of security environment and protection of their properties, in addition to constant interactions with the Governor and his team will go a long way too.

The Chairman noted that once these are done, more companies will spring up in the state, which he said will accommodate and reduce the high number of unemployed people in the state, and by extension, the reduction in crimes and criminality on the Plateau.

Dr Shitgurum assured, that once government involves itself by promoting and strengthening Public Private Partnership (PPP), the participation and establishment of industries by the citizens will be encouraged, in turn begat are resonance effect that attract the participation of non indigenous investors, both Local and foreign, and the gift of natural resources and human capital will be profoundly harnessed on the Plateau in great abundances.

The Chairman of the Duncan Group posited that as a further boast, Government should proffer means of ensuring the return of relative peace in the state, which he said can be achieved if the Governor adopts new and practical security architectures.

According to him, this, will encourage not only indigenous investors, but will attract more businesses to the State by other Nigerians and foreign investors.

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Business Mogul, Dr. Godfrey Bawa Shitgurum Urges Plateau Government to Create Conducive Environment to Attract Investments

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