Brian and Pamela Roach donates $150 through Dapar Aid for IDPs in Mangu

Again, Ambassador Satmak Dapar speaks About Plateau killings, IDPs in Mangu to Soon benefit from Financial Aid and Percels to be sent from Australia

Satmak Dapar has once again raised a critical voice about Plateau killings overseas. In the light of his message and moved by compassion for the Internally Displaced People in the wake of renewed killings in Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State, Brian and Pamela Roach generously donated $150 in cash through Dapar Aid for their food, clothing, and shelter – The money will be handed over to the Mwaghavul Development Association (MDA) by Satmak’s representatives Mr. Kumwen Walshak Musa, Mr. *Emmanuel Leman, Mr. Gwetkop Guti and Mr. Joshua Zopmal. In the same vein, Mrs. Elizabeth one of the Christian leaders at the Armidale Christian Outreach Center Australia after a meeting with Satmak Dapar plans to organize relief aid and parcels to be sent to those directly affected. Brian, Pamela Roach, and the Armidale Christian Outreach Center through Pst. Mark Ostini have been praying passionately and holding strong concerns about the welfare, peace, and security of Plateau State.

Satmak Dapar calls on the people of Plateau State to continue to watch and pray believing that these challenges will culminate in stepping stones to a future of peace, justice, and prosperity.

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Brian and Pamela Roach donates $150 through Dapar Aid for IDPs in Mangu

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