Bitrus Kaze breaks silence, reminds PDP of its past encounters with the Judiciary.

DM. Longgul , reports from Jos-Nigeria

Bitrus Kaze shattered the tranquility and serenity with his resounding voice, gently nudging the PDP to recollect the tales of the past, the intricate dance between the political realm and the noble institution of justice as Plateau PDP continues to vilify the judiciary in recent days.

The ex-legislator and the prominent leader of the opposing faction graced his virtual diary and penned a detailed and eloquent composition, consisting of five paragraphs. This profound and enlightening epistle served as a gentle reminder to the Plateau State division of the PDP, highlighting the substantial contributions made by the judiciary to the party over the course of past years. The captivating article, aptly named “STANDING FIRMLY WITH THE JUDICIARY,” meticulously recounts a plethora of historical encounters that transpired during the reign of the Jang administration.

Kaze writes:

“Following the violence that erupted in Jos on 29th November 2008, the President Yar’adau-led FGN empanelled the Gen Emmanuel Abisoye-led Panel of Inquiry into the crisis. The Gov Jang-led PLSG disagreed and wasted no time in dragging the FGN to the Supreme Court. 
Since both President Yar’adua and Gov Jang belonged to the PDP, Prince Ogbulafor the PDP National Chairman at the time asked Gov Jang to withdraw the case. He met a brick wall and for me justifiably so, but this led to a protracted unease within the party. By February 2009 a splinter PDP group suddenly emerged and positioned itself as an alternative SEC providing a clinical excuse for a hatchet man’s job. It wasn’t long before the Prince Ogbulafor-led NWC threatened the second term ambition of the Gov Jang-led Redemption state government. 
With brazen impunity, the NWC recklessly dissolved the Prof Shown-led State EXCO in August 2009 and appointed the Chief Shiluwa-led Caretaker Committee in its place. Again the PDP on the Plateau justifiably proceeded to the High Court in Jos challenging the impunity of Wadata Plaza.In a landmark judgment on Friday 23rd April 2010, His Lordship Justice M. Sirajo declared as unconstitutional, null and void the dissolution of the Prof Shown-led PDP EXCO.
The Prince Ogbulafor-led NWC/Chief Shiluwa-led CTC PDP proceed to the Court of Appeal. On Thursday 19th November 2010, it was Justice Monica B. Dongban-Mensem (then JCA) who led a panel of judges in expanding the frontiers of the High Court judgment thereby making it impracticable for the Prince Ogbulafor led NWC to contemplate approaching the Supreme. This to my mind cleared the coast for the second term project of the Gov Jang-led administration in the 2011 general polls. 
For upturning the impunity of the NWC at that time, Justice Sirajo as well as Justice Dongban-Mensem were venerated and the judiciary was celebrated as the last hope of the common. For me and I believe many others on the Plateau, one of the few commendable things that PMB did which attracted our collective commendation was the meritorious appointment of Justice Dongban-Mensem as President of the Court of Appeal. 
In my view, Justice Dogban-Mensem a daughter of Plateau State in the pinnacle of her career does not deserve to be so vilified”.


Recently, Bitrus Kaze, the Right Honourable Gagdi, and the Honourable Justice Dogban-Mensem have been subjected to cruel criticisms ever since the ruling of the appellate court did not align with the desires of the majority of the parliamentarians affiliated with the PDP. The forthcoming litigation in the court of appeal will also shed abundant light on the intricacies of the political landscape in Plateau State.

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Bitrus Kaze breaks silence, reminds PDP of its past encounters with the Judiciary.

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