APC Chairman of Plateau state, Honourable Letep Dabang has granted a short interview to Longgul Dakwom of ViewPointNigeria to respond to Minister of Youth and Sports, Barr. Solomon Dalung’s aspersions.

In the short interview, Dabang responded directly to the points raised by Barr. Solomon Dalung.

See below:

(i) ViewPointNigeria: Barrister Solomon Dalung has alleged that he was sidelined during president Muhammadu Buhari’s visit and that the only project to Governor Lalong’s name is the State Lowcost – Dong road, what are your thoughts?

For Dalung to make such nonsensical remarks, it shows that he is just like a mad man on the street. As far as we are concerned, governance is about continuity not about personality. President Buhari came to the Plateau to commission projects that have and will better the lives of ordinary citizens. He did not simply come to commission only projects initiated by Governor Lalong alone.

Is Dalung suggesting that because we commissioned some projects that Jonah Jang initiated, that we bring back Jonah Jang to commission them? That’s just silly.

Bear in mind, the President himself confirmed that during his 2015 visit he saw the desperate situation of projects on ground and was therefore elated with the progress made by Governor Lalong to finalise the projects.

So for a minister in the capacity of Dalung’s standing to ridicule himself by making such ridiculous remarks  –and by countering what his boss (the president)  has said is frankly, very pathetic. It shows that Dalung is a man who is not well, he is sick in the head.


(ii) ViewPointNigeria: Does APC have ways of sanctioning individuals who go against party rules? And is APC a house that is divided against itself?

No we will not apply any sanctions and APC is not a house divided against itself –we are a one united family. Ignore Dalung, because he is not APC. Look within the party, do you see anyone else who shares his views? Dalung is just one individual –he is on his own.

If he says he was sidelined, sidelined by whom? It was president Buhari’s visit to Jos, not the visit of an idiot called a minister –let’s be clear.


(iii) ViewPointNigeria: Minister Dalung alleged that there has been a rise in Plateau’s debt profile to the tune of N1 trillion Naira  – is this true?

Of course the debt profile will rise. We inherited a debt burden of over N200 billion and if he is interested, he will know that this government has been running on loans and debt. Did we not collect a bail-out from the Federal Government? Is the bail-out free? Of course not. Did he expect that with the economic realities on ground that the debt will diminish? Even the president confirmed how the oil price fell from 110 dollars per barrel to about 30 dollars per barrel –so how has the federal government been running itself?

So for a minister who is in the same cabinet to come out and make such statements shows that he is out of tune with reality and needs help.


This tuesday 12th March 2018, ViewPointNigeria will have an extensive media chat with the APC Chairman to cover sundry issues. We shall bring it once finalised. 

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APC Chairman Letep Dabang lambasts Dalung, calls him deranged, mad and sick

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