African Public Private Partnership Network Appoints Plateau State PPP DG, Felix Rwang-Dung as Chairman of Partnership and Resource Mobilization Committee

The African Public Private Partnership Network (AP3N) has appointed the Director General of the Plateau State Infrastructure Promotion and Regulatory Agency, Mr. Felix Rwang-Dung as Chairman of Partnership and Resource mobilization Committee to drive the networks strategic growth going forward.

The Director General of Infrastructure Concessions & Regulatory Commission (ICRC), Mr. Michael Ohiani, who is also the Co-President of the AP3N has appointed Mr. Felix Rwang-Dung the current Director General of the Plateau State Infrastructure Promotion & Regulatory Agency (PPP Office), as Chairman of the Partnership & Resource Mobilization committee of the AP3N earlier this month of May 2023.

The ICRC D.G Mr. Mike Ohiani stated that, “As Chairman of the Partnership and Resource Mobilization Committee of the AP3N, it is a tremendous opportunity for Mr Felix Rwang-Dung to contribute to making a lasting impact on the infrastructure development landscape across Africa due to the importance of public-private partnerships in driving sustainable development across the African continent which AP3N is the foremost united PPP forum which comprises current AP3N membership across multiple African countries covering all African sub-regions. The role of the Partnership and Resource Mobilization Committee is to establish and strengthen connections between the AP3N organization and its members with global multilateral, developmental and financial institutions to foster collaboration and facilitate the mobilization of much needed resources for impactful results.”

The second AP3N Co-President Ms Beatrice Florah Ikilai, the pioneer director PPP Unit Uganda and the Out-going Vice Chair Bureau of UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) for Public Private Partnerships and a PPP consultant on her part congratulated Mr. Felix on his appointment as the chair of the “AP3N Partnerships and Resource mobilization” a committee that will be a pillar in galvanizing partnerships and opportunities across the continent and beyond. The AP3N initiatives hold immense potential for Africa’s infrastructural development and under the able leadership of Mr. Felix Rwang-Dung, the committee will improve and transform the infrastructure landscape across Africa. as the AP3N’s commitment is to undoubtedly transform the PPP professionals in Africa by continuously bridging the gap between the public and private sectors roles, fostering an environment of mutual collaboration, innovation, and capacity building and through AP3N network, provide platforms for knowledge exchange, training programs, and mentorship opportunities. This will empower PPP professionals with the skills and expertise needed to navigate the complexities of project development, implementation, and management.

This AP3N committee’s responsibility will be to actively engage with renowned institutions such as the Afreximbank, African Development Bank, UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund, NEPAD, World Bank, IFC, IMF, PIDG, PPIAF, Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) amongst many more and regional development banks. Through these strategic partnerships, AP3N through this committee plans to unlock access to funding, technical expertise, and knowledge sharing opportunities. For example, working closely with these institutions to identify capacity requirements, collective challenges/gaps across African PPP practitioners and experts, investment opportunities, develop bankable projects, and implement innovative financing models that align with the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

AP3N Regional Coordinator for West Africa, Mrs Ijeoma Ogoke indicated that by leveraging these partnerships established through this committee, “the AP3N will be able to attract substantial investments into Africa, providing the necessary resources to tackle pressing developmental challenges anticipated to drive the positive impact this AP3N initiative will have on the continent’s socio-economic development. The AP3N community empowerment drive, aims to stimulate economic growth, create employment opportunities, enhance social welfare, and uplift communities across the African continent through PPPs.”

Mrs Ogoke, said the Management of the Network, also appointed Chairpersons to lead other key functions of the AP3N going forward, namely:

  1. Mr. Emeje Anthony Olobo (Nigeria) – Recruitment & Onboarding Committee
  2. Mrs Audrey Mwala (Malawi)- Technical Assistance Committee
  3. Mrs. Flora Tenga (Tanzania)- Legal Matters Committee
  4. Mr. Jack Matiza (South Africa)- Center of Excellence
  5. Dr. Jobson Ewalefoh (Nigeria)- Communication and Publicity Committee.
  6. Engr Shelter Lotsu (Ghana) – Think Tank Committee

Mr Felix Rwang-Dung stated that by, “fostering a vibrant community of PPP practice across Africa, AP3N will encourage learning, inspire creativity, and nurture a culture of excellence within the PPP ecosystem in Africa by Africans which expands on the opportunities that lie ahead and potentials to drive sustainable infrastructural development through effective public-private partnerships projects.”

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African Public Private Partnership Network Appoints Plateau State PPP DG, Felix Rwang-Dung as Chairman of Partnership and Resource Mobilization Committee

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