UniLag ASUU Chairperson Breaks Silence on Sex for Marks


The chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, Lagos Branch, comrade Dele Ashiru in an interview with VPN reporter, Jan Cyprian on the 20th of November 2019 after a public lecture delivered by Prof. Ademola Aremu of the University of Ibadan Nigeria in the University of Jos titled ” the moral force and ethics the role of ASUU” , breaks silence on the issue of sex for marks in Nigerian Universities. The comrade chairman who decried the level of sexual harassment in Nigerian universities States that Asuu is ever ready to fetch out all the bad eggs that keep on dragging the name of Asuu to the mud.

According to the chairman, not all lecturers are sexual predators, bad eggs are found in every human environment, union, work place etc and Asuu is not an exception. Below is the excerpt of the interview:

Interviewer: Comrade Chair, what’s your and stand on the inclusion of Asuu in the Federal Government’s IPPIS?

Comr. Ashiru: We as a union are saying Asuu is not, cannot and shall not be an arm of Government. Our stand is that we shall continue to remain a strong formidable force that fights for the right cause.

Interviewer: So do you have any plan for a strike on this same matter?

Comr. Ashiru: For us, strike is a legal cause by Asuu to press on its demands.

Interviewer: OK sir, what is your opinion about sex for marks? Especially now that University of Lagos’ lecturer was recently involved in sex for marks.

Comr. Ashiru: Asuu frowns at sex for marks and sex for marks threatens learning in Nigerian universities.

Interviewer: Most Nigerians don’t believe that sex for marks can be eradicated in Nigerian universities, what is your opinion sir?

Come. Ashiru: That is not true. Sex for marks can be abated. Not all lecturers are sexual predators. To stop or reduce this to any level, is that Universities should decentralised power relations of lecturers.
Universities should use pear assessment for lecturers so as to make students not be victimized by some of our members. And students should be courageous enough to report these kinds of complaints today.

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UniLag ASUU Chairperson Breaks Silence on Sex for Marks

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