Two heavyweights go head to head as Mupun United Football Competition (MUFC) kicks off.

Dakas FC of Jiblik clashed with Letep Masquerades of Abwor-Dyis in the opening match of the 2021 edition of the Mupun United Football Competition. This year’s tournament which is organised in honour of Late Mishkom Mupun Da Nuhu Dashwep who has been the sponsor of the erstwhile Dashweps cup way back in 1964 was kicked off by the Mishkom Mupun, Da Yusuf Fwangbring Wale who was represented by the Mishkom Jiblik Da Engr. Haruna Tohomdet.

In the opening match, Dakas FC of Jiblik played a 1 all draw with the defending champions, Letep Masquerades FC of Abwor-Dyis.

21 minutes into the game , a goal from Chindi Gukut through a penalty kick almost caused an upset that would have cost the defending champions the opportunity to earn any point in their bid to start the defense of the championship title. The defending champions however, had to wait until the 61st minute to pull the string that led to the equalizer as a shot fired by Mutang Danat close to the eighteen yard box volleyed past the goal keeper and made its way straight into the net to ensure that the defending champions started tournament with a point to spare.

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Two heavyweights go head to head as Mupun United Football Competition (MUFC) kicks off.

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